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The Night That Robin Died


The Night that Robin Died is the latest Semblesque production featuring music by Craig Minowa and Cloud Cult. What's more it's the first time I've ever been on stage with both my kids at the same time. And that kinda rocks for me personally.

This weekend only!

You can buy tickets here!


H'ordevor Schedule, provided with Ticket Price:

Thursday, New Scenic Cafe
Friday, Pizza LUCE
Saturday, Lakeview Castle

Cash Bar on Site at The Venue.

And, I agree, ironic1's kids ROCK. As does the Entire Cast. And the Costumes. The Props. The Music. And the Story.

Don't Miss this One, Folks!

artistic director
semblesque performance company

Is it nine-year-old pirate-boy suitable?

Well, my 11 and 13 year old are in the show, and I'm cool with that. The show itself showcases the friendship between a boy and an anthropomorphic robin and, to give away the ending, the robin dies. (You might have guessed that from the title.) It really depends how sensitive your child is. Consider it a modern fairy tale.

Purple, I asked Jill if it would be suitable for my nine-year old gal and got the thumbs up.

I am bringing a few kids I work with at Northwoods that are 12 and 13. I believe it will be appropriate for them.

We talked about this at the rehearsal last night and the consensus seemed to be...

It's a family show... with a cash bar!

Kinda like a wedding, only less horrible.

I know if Ironic1's two kids are in the show, my 10-yr-old can handle it. Any kid who's read Harry Potter novels or watched Harry Potter movies can handle death -- even though the owl's death in HP7 upset my daughter more than anything else in that book. But she got over it.

Cool. I think we'll try to go tomorrow night as the boy & I have Friday off. Plus, he's a Cloud Cult fan.

The word is tickets, especially on Thursday for some reason, are going fast and seating is limited, so preorders would not be out of order. I'm very proud of this show. It's solid from beginning to end.

Thanks for the heads up, Ironic1, I just pre-ordered my tickets. I think your daughter is one of the finest actors in town and certainly don't want to miss this performance (Haven't seen the boy on stage, but I am sure he's fabulous too).

Thanks, calk! That just kinda makes my day.

BRAVO! People: this play is FANTASTIC! I urge you all to go see it tonight if possible, it's the last performance. It was absolutely brilliant, and Ironic1 and his children blew me away -- as did every other performer, esp. those 3 identical nurses. The message of the play is pretty damn relevant, too. The venue itself is so cool, it reminded me of Dark Horse Theatre, though this venue is much, much bigger. But it had the same kind of cool ambiance. And I have now become a fan of Cloud Cult. Thanks Ironic1 for recommending we see this play, I am so glad I did -- though, I'm sad to say, my little one wasn't as appreciative as I. It was maybe a little too po-mo for her.

Claire, It was great seeing you all in the front row last night! I'm glad you enjoyed it. My only sorrow is that tonight is the last night.

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