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My bad...


hahhaahahaha I love it! I'm sending it to all my peeps.

that's hilarious! kinda like an ecard, only better.

tamara sent me one of those a few weeks ago...a fake news story about my candidacy for president...or should i say...Ezradent?

moveon.org sent me one of those and i got all indignant. don't be implying i won't vote, motherfucker!

Relax Maria. A sense of humor is a terrible gift to waste...

Relax Maria. A sense of humor is a terrible gift to waste...

I got one of those too (I am on the mailing list) and I thought it was pretty damned funny.

However, I wonder how many people watched it and really thought it was possible for a single vote to cause a presidential election to go a certain way.

senior citizens swearing = comedy gold.

Choice find.

If Obama loses I will blame you. Thanks for the willing scapegoat status.

That is great! I sent out at least 20 of them.
Though the lesser of two weasels is still a weasel , I will vote for the lesser, though it means voting for the war in Afghanistan, illegal wire tapping, nuclear energy, the death penalty, the bailout, more faith based initiatives , oh, never mind.

May the chains rest lightly upon you, Mr. Sorenson ...may your emptiness be not too cold...


And then I promptly deleted the message.

Spartacus- I have no idea what you are trying to say.

I have been waiting a long time for you to screw this one up.. Watch you back Baci, 'cuz a little Real American Justice is coming up your back side.

also, can you please return my Obama yard sign?

Mr. Sorenson,

Which is worse:
a) the true-believer who doesn't know better?
b)one who recognizes evil yet votes for it anyway?

Abandon one little principle after another, until in the end you have none left. Vote for the lesser evil until all that remains is evil.

Or don't vote and wind up with the greater of two evils. Obama may appoint better supreme court justices, and he may be more open to pressure from progressives. We can only hope.

Hey Sorensen are you the mountain bike champ guy?


You are a clever one, Mr. Sorenson. Good luck in your hope. and your change, too.

Todd- I usually need to walk my bike up the hills of Duluth,so,no, I am not that guy. And Spartacus- I am not that hopeful either. Warding off the encroaching fascism would be nice, but that would still leave the environmental crisis, not to mention a lot of other problems. We are not progressing morally as a species, and all we can do is struggle to keep a lid on the worst aspects of our human nature.

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