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Show at "the old MAC" tonight!


Come one. Come all... to Bohemia Arts tonight at 8.
Salah A. Xanadu and Thurston Howl V (of Tangier 57 fame) make their first official appearance as Perfectini.
Best Friends Forever will not be there in full, but whichever members show up will do their best impression.
And The Terrordactyls (see pic) will surely satisfy the curiosity their website(s) pique.
see for yourself: http://www.terrordactyls.com/

Bohemia Arts, 22 N 1st Ave W.
$4 sugg. don.


In case anyone is interested, I had an opportunity to interview the Terrordactyls last week: http://www.duluthbudgeteer.com/articles/index.cfm?id=23034.

Also, as far as I know, it's just Bri from BFF playing -- under the moniker "Bri and Her Big Shirt."

what kind of music is this?

Perfectini is dubbing themselves "lounge/crooner."
As far as I know, "Bri and Her Big Shirt" is Bri of BFF, doing her own spin on some BFF tunes and some solo zaniness.
The Terrodactyls...? check em out.
BTW: thanks, matthew for posting the article!

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