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Service req'd

Anyone know where I can find a good TIG welder? I have some custom muffler modifications for my mutant motorcycle I need done. contact me ...cbacigalupo at gmail dot com ... Thanks


Hi Baci,

An acquaintance David Kohne has a welding biz. His cell is 218-348-0134.

Hope this helps.

I thought I saw a welder for sale on 4th street in front of a house. It is right before 21st Ave E.

thanks for the tips!!

I'm a certified TIG welder ( or GTAW welder), used to work with Dave. I work a lot now but could fit a quick project in. Is this job just welding or fabing/ordering material too? Cell 218.269.4496

My friend Aleasha is a TIG welder and teacher at WITC. contact me [email protected] cuz I am not sure she wants her number up here.

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