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Sala Thai Rocks!

Just had dinner at the new Sala Thai in Woodland. Really fantastic! Our party had the spring rolls, pad thai noodles, some kind of chicken basil thing and another dish I can't remember. Five people, one glass of wine, three appetizers and five entrees for @$66.00 (I rounded up to $75 for the tip). We all left stuffed and very satisfied. Waaaaaay better than the old Nam Lee's that was in this location. They cleaned and scrubbed the place, and opened up the front so you can actually see out the windows. Simple (almost Scandinavian) decor and excellent service. I haven't had Thai this good in Minnesota! They close at 8:30 weeknights- 9:30 on Friday and Saturday. To cater to the neighborhood, they offer American breakfast from 7:00 to 10:00 am. I'll be returning soon for sure!


I picked up their menu the other day and I'll give you credit to do that on 66 bucks plus tip. Did 4 people drink water? Now I'll have to give the place try.

Tim, I found the final top for the hat boxes you were interested in; if someone stops by my garage sale this weekend (see below) I will give it to them for you!

My husband and I tried it last weekend. It was full of very happy people. We ended up ordering 3 appetizers (because we couldn't choose between all the things we were seeing at other tables!) and 2 meals. Everything was wonderful! Perhaps a little slow, but slow doesn't seem so bothersome when the atmosphere is great (and one is enjoying a nice glass of wine or two).

Anarchy- yes, most of us had water (I don't drink and three of the crowd are underage). The pad noodles are only 5.95 and I think the most expensive entree on the menu was 12 or 13 bucks. The ingredients were really really fresh. I'm curious to try the breakfast, too.

wow...with all the details of Tim K. meal, I was left how much people normally tip for good food and service up here. I've been tending toward the 18-20% range since I hung around with cooks and waiters. What do others tip?

Oh - and thanks for the review! I'm looking forward to eating there as the new Thai place by the mall kinda sucked.

I too dined at Sala Thai this weekend, the evening after someone brought ST spring rolls and salad rolls to a party I was at and they were quickly devoured! We ordered 3 or 4 appetizers and an entree (2 adults, 1 kid). I loved the food, except for the mussels. I know it's hard to do mussels, so I give them a pass. And I am comparing them to the mussels they used to serve at the downtown location, with a sauce that rocked my world. I also ordered a glass of wine and it was one generous pour! My daughter claimed it was half the bottle. It cost only $5 and it was a nice wine. We also loved the ambiance, the server was very friendly, though slow. No biggie, it was fun, and we visited with friends we ran into there seated at other tables. The owner also came out and chatted with us. I'm really thrilled that Duluth has 3 Thai restaurants now! Too bad the place at the mall "sucked" for Chester Dark because I was hoping to check it out sometime. I also totally recommend ST. The drive up Woodland is pretty this time of year, another reason to go soon.

This sounds really good. Can you give me a street address or link a location?

I'm assuming there are vegetarian options.

Regarding tipping - I generally do 20% if the service is even marginally decent. If it's not decent, anywhere between 10-15%.

There has only been one time that I have not left a tip. That was at Hell's Kitchen the last time we ate there.

I know you're supposed to expect "bad" service, but there is a definite difference between "bad" service as kitsch and bad service as in, "I really could care less if you're my customer." We were the recipients of the latter.

We haven't been back since and probably won't go back.

ironic1 - It is almost right at the corner of Woodland and Calvary, left hand side as you are going 'up' Woodland, pretty much next door to the Sammys Pizza.

Ate there for Lunch buffet last week. 1. Food was tasty 2. Buffet cart warmers where not working very well so heating was uneven, but they are ordering new supplies to fix that. 3. As of last week they still where not up and running with breakfast, said it would be in another few weeks 4. I heard a rumor that this place is owned by the lady who use to own the Thai restaurant downtown.

Thanks, edgeways. I very rarely get to that part of town, but maybe I'll plan a special trip.

So they are in theory still open for lunch? I made a special trip by bus one lunchtime and there was a closed sign right next to the hours sign indicating that it should be open. Haven't been in a hurry to try again.

But if I ever do, is the buffet comparable to the place downtown that I haven't gone to since they moved to Canal Park? Especially vegetarian-wise?

when did you try eco eco? I think mid to late last week was when they actually started their lunch hours (a week late from when they where going to)

As to vegetarian options... I suspect it depends on your level of vegetation-ism. I am primarily vegetarian but eat poultry and seafood and had no problems. If you are more strict than that I'd give them a call and ask regarding their buffet.

IIRC there was 8-10 options at the buffet, the place is smaller than the downtown is/was and I never at down their for lunch so can't compare.

For lunch I would still advise to wait till the end of the month or early Nov so they can get their warmers working correctly. Sounds like Supper is all A-ok though.

Thanks, I tried going based on articles I'd read which said they were open for lunch, but apparently they hadn't started it yet.

V-Nick and I ate there last night and it was O.K. but the best Thai Food in town is still Thai Krathong which is expensive but always fantastic. Thai Krathong is making a move to Canal Park soon so it will most likely be more expensive but it is one of the best restaurants in town.

I just checked their menu and there's about half a dozen vegetarian curries, a few vegetarian appetizers, and fried rices of various kinds. Soups are all that don't sound vegetarian. Re breakfast, they have one dish, pancakes with fruit on top that sounds pretty veggie-friendly as well.

edgeways: "I am primarily vegetarian but eat poultry and seafood and had no problems."

Hmm, you might be missing the point of being a vegetarian??

Anyway, that's cool to hear about this place - is the place by the mall really no good? ? I like their triangular pillows, but haven't eaten there yet. Soy, sunflower and wheat allergies kind of restrict you a bit.

The new Bancok Royale near Computer Renaissance is really good.

it looks like we're headed for a thai food renaissance. in a few years, there'll be more thai joints in town than chineese.

we can all hope.

you said it, zra. Remember when the Polish Hearth was where the downtown Thai place is (until the 20th, I hear)? Remember when Hacienda was the only ethnic game in town besides the ubiquitous Chinese places? And speaking of new places, has anyone tried the Grapevine downtown, where the late, much-lamented Taj India used to be?

I don't know what you guys are talking about. Taco John's has been in town as long as I can remember.

We ate at Grape Vine recently...not so great but my wife is picking as she lived in Greece for a year. We had the calamari (so-so), the rolled grape leaves (pretty good), the pork kebob (fail...and why no lamb kebob?), a "Greek" salad (it wasn't), and the spinach pastry thingy (fail again). The bottle of wine was good though. The cook were distractingly goofing off in the kitchen. Price was $93!!

@ jerome sniddler:

Well no not really, that is the beauty of qualifiers such as "primarily", it does indicate "not exclusively". Add to that, there are many different reasons for people to choose how/what they eat. My main reasons for avoiding most red meat has to do with high resource consumption, as opposed to say a strong animal rights reason, or a health reason. I respect those choices, but they are not the ones I make. There are many points to being a vegetarian, objectively I believe none are really more or less valid than the others.

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