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peace protest & more THIS weekend!

The Northland Anti-War Coalition is hosting a series of events this weekend. We'll be holding 1. an anti-war march & rally, 2. a forum on Palestine, and 3. a planning meeting where you can plug into the local peace movement.

1. ANTI-WAR MARCH & RALLY - Saturday, Oct. 11 @ Noon:

We're asking folks to gather at Duluth's Leif Erickson Park on London Road from between 11:30am and noon. From there we're going to start marching at noon to the MN Power Plaza [Lake Ave. & Superior St.]. At the MN Power Plaza we'll have a rally with the following speakers: MN State Representative Mike Jaros, WI State Representative Frank Boyle, Coly Wentzlaf of UMD Students for Peace, Prof. Kathy Heltzer, and a representative of the AFSCME union speaking on behalf of the laid of city workers. There will also be literature tables from sponsoring groups there, and Food Not Bombs will be distributing free food!

It was on October 11, 2002 that Congress approved the “Iraq War Resolution” granting the Bush administration authorization to invade Iraq. On SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2008--exactly six years after Congress unleashed the dogs of war on Iraq-- we will be sending a message to the war makers in Washington and to the world: We want this war to end and we want it to end now! We are demanding nothing less than the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all occupation forces from Iraq and the closing of all military bases.

At the same time we will be protesting in Duluth, there will also be protests taking place in the following cities: Boston MA, Chicago IL, Cleveland OH, Columbus OH, Storrs CT, Hartford CT, Dayton OH, Englewood NJ, Madison WI, Minneapolis MN New York NY, Philadelphia PA, Pittsburgh PA, Providence RI, Rockland County NY, Salt Lake City UT, San Francisco CA, and Seattle WA.
2. PALESTINE FORUM - Saturday, Oct. 11 @ 6:30pm:

The same evening of the protest NAWC will be hosting an event titled, "A JUST SOLUTION FOR THE ISRAEL/PALESTINE CONFLICT? A forum featuring author Joel Kovel: a Jewish voice for peace."

The forum will start at 6:30pm and will be held in Room 80 of Montague Hall on the University of Minnesota-Duluth campus.

The speaker, Joel Kovel is a well-known Jewish activist, scholar and writer on the Middle East. His latest book is "Overcoming Zionism: Creating a Single Democratic State in Israel/Palestine". Joel Kovel argues that the inner contradictions of Zionism have led Israel to a "state-sponsored racism fully as incorrigible as that of apartheid
South Africa and deserving of the same resolution.
3. NAWC PLANNING MEETING - Sunday, Oct. 12 @ 2pm:

And finally, on Sunday, the Northland Anti-War Coalition will be holding its October planning meeting at 2pm in the library of the new Unitarian-Universalist Church on College St. [the church is located between the UMD and CSS campuses]. Starting this month NAWC will be meeting there on the 2nd Sunday of every month at that time. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend! Bring your ideas for where the local peace movement should go from here!

Northland Anti-War Coalition
P.O. Box 16853, Duluth MN 55816
[email protected]
(715) 394-6660


Oh, you're only demanding nothing less than the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all occupation forces from Iraq and the closing of all military bases.

Sounds pretty reasonable to me.

Good luck!

Yup, a night out on the town or on the internet is a far better way to spend that valuable free time...

I might attend your war protest
If I didn't have to hear
some bloviating communist
bending my arm and ear.

I've got my sign and my resolve, so I'm fully prepared to march. Here's hoping this is covered (if it's covered at all) in a more just and accurate way than the RNC. I quit watching T.V. so I suppose I'll just have to hope. THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE.

i was there and had fun, unfortunately my batteries died so I couldn't get any kewl photos.. I tried. yet was unsuccessful.I was wearing the space cookie..
I wanted to Thank EVERYone for being there for my first march ever..!!it was a blast.

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