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More Halloween Treats


Tangier 57
, Haus Meeting and Tim Kaiser. Friday - Halloween night at Carmody.


That is the greatest Halloween lineup I have ever heard of. (If Gwar and Motorhead shared the stage on Halloween, that would be in the running, I suppose).

Will it be just Tangier 57 headlining, or will it be Tangier 57 & the Crypt-Kicker Five?

I once saw GWAR and The Misfits (without Danzig) together on Halloween 5-10 years or so ago

I saw Ween on Halloween.

I saw GWAR once in Virginia Beach, VA in a shitty little club out away from the touristy part of town...and the Misfits (also sans Danzig) in a shitty little club outside Bremerton, WA.

GWAR was...very messy.

I have tickets for Slayer and Mastadon for this Halloween in London.

I have tickets to see Slayer and Mastadon on Halloween in London.

I saw Hendrix, Morrison, Joplin, Cobain,and Jones on Halloween once, so hahahahahahahaha showoffs.

That sounds like a seriously sucky band.

Well, the important thing is next year everyone can say "I saw T-57, Tim Kaiser and Haus Meeting on Halloween."

That'll wow 'em.

Again zra hearing himself "talk". "Hey everybody I saw so-and-so band at so-and-so shitty-but-cool club where you've never been! Wow, how cool am I?!"

Its like the kid in gradeschool who always has to one-up everybody.

Those are just two in a long list of bands that I've seen in shitty little clubs all over the United States, Rat. Jealous Much?

Don't like it? Not my problem. Deal with it, asshole.

You’ve missed the point. No I’m not jealous and have seen plenty of concerts at venues all over. I just don’t have to brag about it.

You’ve also helped prove my point: “Those are just two in a long list of blahs that I've seen in shitty little blahs all over the United Blah.” In this case you merely one-upped the previous commenter without adding anything useful to the conversation. It seems to be always about you and your banal conversation with yourself about how cool you are. “I only drink beer from within a 200 mile radius blah blah except Bell’s blah blah.”

Sorry for ripping on you, I just find it cruelly entertaining. My recommendation is that you don't feed this troll any more.


that all you got?


...then it occurred to me...you certainly spend a lot of time paying a lot of attention to the things i post here. wow. i'm actually flattered...though i will say i'm a little creeped out.

i'm starting to think you have some sort of crush on me or something.

sorry buddy, numero uno, i'm taken and two...i don't swing that way. perhaps in another incarnation.

in your blind obsession with my posts and comments, you've managed to completely ignore everyone else doing the same thing...which furthers the theory that you do indeed have a crush on me.

my recommendation is that you don't feed this zra anymore, lest you dig yourself further into the hole of arrogant self righteousness that you're already waist deep in. it's filling with shit and starting to stink.

sorry for ripping on you, i just find it cruelly entertaining.

have a nice existence.

You may have a point on the self-righteousness. I think reading your posts and comments and rolling my eyes at them all the time induced me to try and counterbalance that. That’s neither flattery nor a crush. And I’m over it.

What does any of this have to do with sasquatch not wearing pants?

damn vic...now I have to come up with another costume idea

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