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Low live at ATP on WFMU (mp3s)



Cool! It doesn't look like this show is on there. I'm not entirely sure though, because it's such an awfully structured and designed steaming pile of 1993 web design. Bleh.

Then again, maybe it's just me. Blue underlined text gives me hives.

"1993 web design", also known as "accessible" web design, designed to ensure that people with text readers & old school modems can use the site.

True, though I don't think that "accessible" has to mean stark and slightly disorganized. People have been designing beautiful text-only work for a few thousand years, after all.

Also, while I sympathize with people forced to use dial-up, much like the switch to digital television, those with dial-up really should do whatever they can to switch to cable to dish-based internet service. With the exception of email and Wikipedia, dial-up internet is sort of pointless these days, isn't it?

If it were true 1993 web design, it would have a gray background and 3-point beveled borders around the images. And an embedded MIDI file playing "Canada."

You do know that the internet is not used just by Americans, right? Much of the second, and most of the third world is using 10+ year old technology to access the internet.
Also, "stark" web design is simple web design, meaning that a non-profit organization can spend their money on useful things, rather than having their developers building a "pretty" website.

Dial-up user here. Obviously, it's not my choice. But I don't have an extra $100 a month right now to switch to satellite Internet. Plus there's the $200 I have to drop just for the new dish and installation. When you live way, way, way out in the country you only have 2 choices. When you have 2 kids and a mortgage doing "whatever you can" to get off dial-up isn't always easy. Just FYI. I'm sick of people constantly saying, "You're on dial up? Don't you hate it? High-speed is so much faster!" Yeah, I get it.

Oh man, I'd love to hear any number of MIDI Low tracks...also, ringtones. Heh.

MIDI files? Geeze, how 1986. People should really start using .MP3 files... :P

Starfire used to have a Low ringtone like six years ago. Song choice = obvious.

archive.org is an open source Web site with no funding and most of their money goes to bandwidth so if it looks poorly designed its because the money is all in the back-end, not the front. They provide two extremely useful services so you won't hear me making a single complaint about it. 1. they archive the Web so we can remember what Web sites DID look like in '96. 2. They archive live music and open source audio/video for non-commercial artists to use in their works.

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