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Join Me!


Please join Hazel and me at the Women for Obama Rally tonight from 5pm – 6pm on the corner of Lake Avenue and Superior Street (across from Pizza Luce) in Duluth! Let’s get together and help change the world for Hazel and all our children!

And Zac Bentz, can you get in touch with me ASAP? Thanks!


If I didn't have to work tonight, I'd *so* be there!

"If you don't vote for Obama, you hate children. You don't hate children, do you?"

McCain-Palin in 2008!!!!!!!

What's that in the air? Do you smell it? Yes. Yes indeed! That is definately the odor of one of world famous, patented "Honk N' Flip" sessions in the very near future.

It sure would be nice if the troll were to go on a permanent vacation. Does he ever contribute anything worth reading to any of these threads?


Tamara, sorry I'll not be able to be there tonight with my little one. I'm on the road this week -- it's Dearborn, Michigan this weekend. The papers are full of the news that McCain gave up on Michigan yesterday. Yesterday, Michigan; in a month, the rest of the USA. Hurrah. It was gratifying, during my travels, that everyone I've encountered supports Obama.

aaahhhhhh, wishfull thinking.....

Just for the good of Hazel, I would be remiss if I didn't at least mention that Senator Obama is evil.

Wanna help out Hazel? Stop reifying the prison of the two-party system. The continuity of evil between these two puppet parties is quite observable. Though none of your buddies at National Public Radio or the Nation will tell you about it. But, with a little work, you too may know something, and not merely be told something.

Are you aware of the observable, historical fact that elections in this country are utterly corrupt selections? Now in light of that FACT, what does Obama's status as the Chosen One say to you? Nothing?

Hazel may be in more trouble than you know.

And I hope to see you all at the Women for Cynthia McKinney rally.

I will be holding a "Women for Danny" rally tonight. It's scheduled at 11:30, after my wife has gone to bed. I will be holding the rally in my garage. Drinks will be supplied.

zra and tamara-

If she were any cuter I'd have to shoot myself! Clearly, she got her looks from Tamara.

Way to pimp your daughter out for the man who just sold her (and your grandkids) down the river!

I thought democrats stood up for the little people?


Is Hazel's dad really ugly or something?

I may be an full fledged bastard but at least I wont start sniping at people's kids..feel good to insult a toddler?? danny and arrogant-jaded-whatever, take the useless and mean banter elsewhere...like far off into the mythic bloglands that you're building where you hope people actually give a sh!t about what you think.

Read it again, Frank. Didn't insult the toddler.

Insulted the mother who thinks its a good idea to prostitute her daughter to shill for Obama, the man who thinks its a good idea to indenture this and future generations so some of his banker friends who made poor decisions can continue to live the life they are accustomed to.

And I'm not sure, but I think Danny insulted the father. Or did vicarious insult the father and Danny called him on it?

And its spelled |S|H|I|T|
The real Frank could cuss like a fucking sailor. You are a piss poor imitator.

Send in the clowns!

I know how it's spelled...cuz I've been watching it pour out of your finger tips as your limp wrists flail and you fail in your attempts to make pithy comments on this fine blog...point is that it aint obama that's caused all of this mess it's the greedy demons of ultra-profit uber alles that have sold the future to the Chinese..ahem...CHENEY and the puppet he has his hand stuck up inside of...there, I'm gratifying trolls....now go away and take yer arrogant-jaded comments with you or I'll sick the lich of sammy D on yer lilly white @$$

Well, if we want to get super technical, a lot of this deregulation and lack of oversight actually started with Bubba Clinton (and who knows, probably way before that too).

And Burly's got it right: why keep playing three-card monty (or two, in this case) with the idea you've got a 33.3% chance to win, when, in all probability, the game's fixed and you really ain't got a chance at all?

I'm not apathetic to the voting process (at least on the local level), but on the national level you're better off becoming a lobbyist if you're really concerned about making a difference.

Or just spend your energy volunteering somewhere locally.

The point is that Obama DID vote for it. He DID put the thug love on some of his homies in the "black caucus" to get them to switch their vote to yes. Blood is thicker than uhmm ethics.

The end effect is that you and I will be forcibly buying something so worthless that nobody in the rest of the market wants to touch it. You can't polish a turd no matter how much you rub.

Time for another tea party. One lump or two?

Oh good gods people, do you really think that you're going to change Tamara's mind like this? Quite a few of you need a lesson in persuasion.

Tamara, Zra, Hazel's quite a cutie. I think she looks like mom AND dad.

'ere was I at bar
an astringent politic
some tight lips, tight gums

The great vicarious did decree
An end to politics on this site.
While most did verily agree,
There are some who crave the fight.

Right/left, wrong/right be that as it may
white/black or black/white
Some can't differentiate shades of gray
They flail (and fail) with all their might.

Look what's going on behind the curtain
Trading horses near the steeple
And that's for hurtin' certain
Soylent green is PEOPLE!

ara-jad-bast- ( cute name- ironic AND witty)
Well, let's do better for the kiddies and teach them all the " drill baby drill "
nursery rhyme! yay!!!

Its much better to cleanse their minds with saccharine drivel like this.

I have a better idea: How about we leave the little lambs out of the cannabalistic political arena until they are able to make up their own minds?

a-j-b-p----if you had said only that in the first place, I would agree with you.

Jaded prick--well- I can't open your link to "this" which could possibly negate what I just said. For all I know it could be something I wrote. I do agree on leaving little children out of their parents politics.

Don't underestimate children's understanding of the issues, though, or their interest. My daughter supported Obama when her father & I still supported John Edwards. She and her class at school marched around the classroom one day chanting "Obama, Obama."

Don't underestimate the ability of children to pick up on the simplistic semiosis of modern politics. These kids are sponging up the same social, racial and cultural cues that have been the prime (often subconscious) mover in all of your own Obamania, just with out all of the embarrassing glibness, language and other accouterments which you happen to employ as you breathe psuedo-rational life into the forgone conclusions of your brain stem's response to the very powerful stimulus of symbols and signs.

Any kid can watch 2 minutes of He-Man and determine Skeletor is the bad-guy. The real question is what does the particular arrangement of signs and the way they create meaning say about us?

Very bad things are coming. And they're smiling hard.

Goodness, those are big words (and long sentences).

You sound rather frightened of the world, Burly. And angry, too.

I'm just an average guy, but my advice is to meditate on reality without any pre-notions about what reality is, and you may find that it is actaully very pleasant.

I'm not asking for advice; I'm dispensing it.
Angry? Yup. Maybe you noticed your complicity in this historic movement of violence, oppression and theft? Oh, yours is a compliciity of ignorance. Oh, cool. You just "meditate on reality without any pre-notions about what reality is", cause that's a thing. Meanwhile, what I'm going to do is cash any shred of social status I have in for making fools of dupes who still believe in the observably flase left-right paradigm. Because their ignorance is not only utterly enraging to listen to, it kills people. Lots of people. It's Make-Fun-Dupes season. It's not twee, happy, stop and knit, whilst savoring the flavor of organic pommegranites season. It's always that season.

You should really type up a cover letter and really make a strong appeal, in writing, and just oficially get on the Anglo-American Establishment's payroll. I mean all your work could be so much more lucrative.

All fun aside. It's angry time, know-nothing. Pick up a newspaper. While you were harnessing your chi in a government sheparded New Age movement and voting for Democrats, all of the footings were being laid for your happy, enlightened prison.

But that's not important. What's important is being nice and happy. And meditating.

I resent having to type any of this shit. As if justified political and moral outrage were somehow the enemy of whatever nuggets of actual spiritual and intellectual merit may be hiding in the your airy dribble of your post. As if there was some other, more desirable moment or place for such outrage.

The time is now. The dupe is you.

My point: proven.

Also, learn the art of brevity. Much more convincing than prattle.

Oh good god, Burly gives me a girl-boner.

I almost wanna make him mad just so he'll school me, too.

How did I get sucked in to this?

I'm gonna go OM and be New Age-y.

Well, not to be all contrarian and shit, but this movement of violence, oppression and theft has been happening at varying intervals for the past 10,000 or so years.

What's really needed is a system whereby the oppressed, when given a measure of power, don't over time become oppressors, thus perpetuating the movement of violence, oppression and theft.

Also: the nice and happy meditator is a trope, sorta like the angry rapper; there's a lot more nuance behind both practices than the labels suggest.


Pronunciation: \ˈtrōp\
Function: noun

Etymology: Latin tropus, from Greek tropos turn, way, manner, style, trope, from trepein to turn
Date: 1533

1 a: a word or expression used in a figurative sense : figure of speech b: a common or overused theme or device : cliché

2: a phrase or verse added as an embellishment or interpolation to the sung parts of the Mass in the Middle Ages

(In other words, I still don't understand. PDD had become so smart, it's beyond me, cuz I'm dumb.)


yr embarsing. pleeze thnk b4 typing. sounz stupid, slf-richous, rediculas. i cen rap, 2. sehow smrt i am? big wrds, no soul, no balnce. dum.


Thanks for dipping your toes into the cannibal pot. Come on, stay awhile, they'd love to have you for dinner. Tamara will start the fava beans soaking and Zra will crack open a nice bottle of chianti. They're not afraid to use their daughter to lure in some fresh meat.

For one who disdains of political threads you sure jumped right into this pot.
Is the water hot yet?

Me? I don't eat it nor do I want to be eaten. I just stir it until the scum rises to the top. Thanks for proving MY point.


A conventional phrase or idea.

but, ya know, whateva.

Even the meditatin' monkey
Ain't above flingin' some poo!

Pleads this masterbatin' monkey,
"Why not at the Keeper of the Zoo?"

Listen, greek chorus of Douchebags, I'm not typing to impress you. I'm typing to impress upon you a very simple message and some rage. Barack Obama is evil. Your own ignorance in this matter is dangerous to me and my family and friends. I am here to RIDICULE YOU. And will continue doing so until the election season dies its pre-ordained death.

Vicarious, you never had a point. So I can see why you find merit in brevity.

Hey iknowu2, I prefer my hateration done with a spine. Try disengaging your cloaking device, and let's get together.

Listen, your ad hominem attacks are all fine and good, but the fact remains. You Obamatons are working for an evil you don't understand, and it's very sad. And I will be forced to suffer the consequences. A little angry, pre-emptive teasing seems an easy dowry to pay in this, the great marriage of you sheep and your very graceful shepherd.

Congratulations! You look great in white! Look, Sean & I got you a Green Brigade. It was between that and compulsory private health insurance. I think we chose well.

I have sworn to uphold internet-truth, so...

Obama is evil? As in Satan? Please explain! By explain I mean, please tell us in-depth how he is "evil". How 'bout some coherent analysis?

"Douchebags" - name calling is sophisticated.

You are apparently the "understander". Everyone else must be retarded.

Mentally isolated much? Or just really horny?

You are such a rebel, yet you sell plastic (oil), and major label music, and no doubt use carbon which profits your enemies. You are so silly (yet talented! Go figure.)

The Force affirms Vic's assertion. Slow down, drop your beliefs, re-assess, look more closely at "reality". You might feel better. Cuz, reality is actually SWEET!

Wow, "blogger police", you are so lame you can't even think up your own name?! You are beyond reprehensible. Get your own name for Fuck's sake!!!

Ah, it is not the first time I have been impersonated. I am told that it is the greatest form of flattery. So, guess I should be flattered. But as anybody who has ever read my comments knows, I am big on originality. I know that it is tough to have a name as universally loved and respected as blogger police, but you can do it if you just find your own voice. I fully expect you to ignore me and keep posting under my name. It is my curse to be forever imitated. Ah, well, I'm retired, so I will just sit back with my glass of scotch and watch you try to be as clever as I am. Good luck!!

Wait a minute! I'm the real Burly Police! Oh, wait. I mean, I'm the real Blogger Burly! Oh, wait! Who the hell am I? God, I'm so confused. Either I'm right or I'm wrong. Either way, I am! I'm pretty sure I know what I'm talking about. Or maybe not! Words! Sentences! PDD! Opinion! Opinion!

For the record, I still have a girly-chubs for the Burly.

"Obama is evil? As in Satan? Please explain! By explain I mean, please tell us in-depth how he is "evil". How 'bout some coherent analysis?"


First off, for these purposes, I mean political evil- not mystical Christian Devil evil. This distinction is perhaps left for another discussion. Ironically though, if you want to follow the rabbit hole, I wish you the best luck not constantly tripping over the Baphomet. But that's for another discussion.

Senator Obama is a lying, war-mongering globalist; a stalking horse for the insidious corruptors of American democratic institutions, owners of the mass-media, monied Royals and aristocrats, and of course the great families of the international banking cartels. In short, the oligarchy which controls this country, and by extension much of the world. That's right, know-nothing, OLIGARCHY.

Let's leave aside the fact that it is impossible to become the Democratic nominee (or in this case, The Chosen One) without being dipped in the evil prognostications and policies of the king lizards of our Corporate Predator State, and merely address Obama's lies, past roles as an agent for and specific links to the same elite power players, organizations, foundations and associated institutions which have under-girded and shepherded every American administration at least since the end of Andrew Jackson's term (though there is much controversy on this topic, for simplicities sake, I would refer you to the words of
, an adept in these matters). Obama does not
merely kow-tow to these elite management groups and their secretive institutional control grids, he is entirely a product of their evil
machinations via a vast web of political groups, foundations(Ford), universities (Harvard, of course, but especially Columbia and the evil-ass Chicago University), corporations and "CIA cut-outs". He works for their aims and policy objectives now; did when he was a "community organizer" in Chicago, and will to continue to do so as President. In short, he is the Ryan Seacrest of the Anglo-American Establishment's corporate predator state power structure.


Barack Obama Lies ( A Lot!)

Barky Obama lies constantly, because that's his fucking job. So a list of hilarious outright lies is easy enough to produce. Here are a few very important and recent lies; lies that get to the core of our problem as lost and foolish serfs in a prison we, sadly, love and often

Russia & Georgia: Dirty Dancing In South Ossetia

These lies are very important for a number of reasons, but particularly as they illuminate the perfect continuity between these two puppet parties you believe to be working for such separate goals and constituencies.

Beginning with Obama's first comments on this newsworthy international incident, which he delivered in Hawaii Aug. 11th; cutting short his vacation to comment on the developing violence. Right off the bat, Obama throws his hat in with the fascist party line of NATO war-mongers by painting this as an incident of "Russian aggression", and portraying Georgia as a victim.

"It’s a situation that continues to deteriorate because of Russia’s escalation of the use of military force. At this point I have spoken to President Saakashvili, and conveyed my deep regret over the loss of life, and the suffering of the people of Georgia."

Careful to mention the phrase "No matter how this conflict started" in his initial statement, because Obama knows full-fucking-well the actual orgins of this recent violence, he has of late dropped such flirtation with any accurate representation of these events. And, as in
the most recent debate, joined McCain in a one-upsmanship of jingoistic lies and saber-rattling. While our two puppet party leaders try
hard to invent shit to squabble over as to an American response to this unwarranted "Russian aggression", they are in perfect agreement of the causes of this violence. The problem, of course, is that they're in perfect agreement in a great big lie.

Mikhail Saakashvili is as evil as they come, which is why his NATO overlords installed him in a stolen election masquerading as a

democratic, free and fair election. Since his inauguration, he's committed himself to a wonderfully Stalinesque campaign of jailing
journalists, political opponents, and peace loving small-d democrats across his terrified country. The unlucky ones just get murdered.
As a NATO client state, Georgia and its evil leader Saakashvili don't do shit without the nod from their paymasters. The aggression here can only accurately be described as Georgian, which in this case was largely the product of both American and Israeli money, weapons
and training. Novincial seekers of the truth who find this to be all too much, might start
Raimondo's piece is a good introduction to
breaking through the corporate media's, and Senator Obama's, lies about this shit.

This is a good time to introduce one the most important characters in the continually unfolding evil of Obama, his top foreign policy advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski. Saakashvili is a direct product of Zbig's hard work as the old/new Henry Kissinger, head of the Trilateral faction of the Anglo-American Establishment's control grid. Brzezinski was the man who brought you the instigation of the Russians and their subsequent invasion of Afghanistan, the point man in the CIA's program to foment and utilize radical Islamic "terrorists", father of the Mujahideen and of course, most famously, Al Qaeda. Brzezinski, natch, is one of those happy few, those band of brothers, who claims membership in all three of the major think-tanks of evil. all three US Anglo-American Establishment's mangement groups: the Trilateral
Commission (co-founder), the Council on Foreign Relations and the so-called Bilderberg Group (a group which has no official name, by
design, so is named after a hotel in which this group met). The cold hand in the warm puppet of fellow Trilateral member Jimmy Carter, father of FEMA and a whole host of other evil-ass executive orders, Brezinzski is well versed in his role as controller of the Ryan
Seacrest's of the union. Another Obama backer, and important player in the financing of the fake CIA color revolutions of Georgia, Ukraine and many other former Soviet client states, is George Soros. Soros, like Brzezinski, has been behind Manchurian Candidate Obama since the beginning, coughing up a grip of blood money for his little sub-lessee of the seat of faux-power.
Brzezinski was also always against the Iraq War, just like his evil padowan learner. Now, we can argue whether this opposition was merely rhetorical, a reification of the false, puppet left, or was an actual disagreement over where to bring the great resources of violence,
oppression and war-making of the American Empire at this particular moment in geo-strategic thinking, but it really makes no difference for our current discussion.

In short, this is one of those illuminating instances where your government's two-party puppets are in perfect agreement over easily
disprovable lies. Your government's man in Georgia is only doing what he's been told to do, Barack Obama knows this full well, he just
chooses to perpetuate the big lie, because, again, that's his fucking job.
This is also one of those, of late, very common and interesting times when Vladimir Putin is telling you way more truth than your precious Barack Obama and his Democratic cabal. Similar instances occur domestically, when even know-nothings like Sarah Palin find themsleves using bits and pieces of actual truths about the evil Chosen One in a futile effort to derail the inevitable. Which is how we get to Bill Ayers.


Barack Obama's Best Friend: The Fake Leftist Terrorist Bill Ayers, a Classic Government Agent Provocateur

You've probably heard the Alaskan Governor talking this up lately, and you've know doubt shaken your head in dismay over these
horrendous allegations. Palin is sort of right for once, but what she doesn't understand is that Bill Ayer's and Bernadine Dorhn are agent provocateurs working for good people like the CIA and the CFR. Remember the Weather Underground? Yeah, you remember 'em. You just were lead to believe they were radical leftist Marxists, bombing their way a people's revolution. The reality is quite the opposite.

These pseudo-radicals were charged by their masters with blowing shit up, but it was the American Left, and specifically the SDS, which they blew up, not capitalism or American empire. Why isn't Ayers in jail? Or Dohrn? COINTELPRO abuses & Church commision justice? No fucking way. They're not in jail because they're Government Agents. Just like Leary. Just like Jerry Rubin. Just like Osama bin Laden.

To make a long story short, as Howard Kurtz and the New Yorker recently, and many others have pointed out, Obama launched his first political campaign in Ayer's & Dohrn's livingroom. That's because, thanks to his good, good buddy Bill Ayers, Obama used to work for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, Ayer's own little evil fiefdom in the world of the great foundation control grid. These two love
each other because they have so much in common. Both are products of the Anglo-American Establishment's puppet left. Both subvert
the truly neccesary plans, hopes and dreams of the radical American left. So when Obama says Bill Ayers is just "a guy who lives on my block"

He's lying.

The Fake Anti-War Candidate; A Warmonger in Peace-nik Clothing

We all know Obama was, like his master Brzezinski, against the Iraq war. But what's with his new bullshit about taking troops out of Iraq
and bringing them to Afghanistan? He's a war-monger, that's whats with it. McCain agrees something must be done about the "deteriorating situation in Afghanistan", so right away big-ass red flags should be going up.

Remember way back before the invasion in 2001, when the Taliban was blowing up ancient Buddhas? You don't so I'll remind you. Amongst the repulsive policies of our men in Afghanistan(which they were, at the time) was a little reported total ban on poppy production. In fact, before the invasion Afghan opium and heroin production was almost nil. Now what's up? Oh, Afghanistan is the world's biggest producer of heroin. Weird. Just who were the so-called Northern Alliance? They were drug lords, fighting for their right to free enterprise in a market the American government has been a major player in since before the Opium wars. Not unlike whats going down in Mexico right now, the recent rash of violence in Afghanistan is largely a series of confrontations over drug money. A whole lot of drug money. The mouth-piece of the fascista, the New York Times, ran a hilarious finger pointing feature story on Hamid Karazai's brother two Sundays ago. Like the heroin problem is some unforseen byproduct of our great quest for freedom and democracy, and, oops!, it must be some evil Arabs, and LOOK!
the Taliban is re-forming like Voltron, gorging itself on drug profits! So ugly. So sad. So full of easily disprovable lies.

Obama's against the Iraq War, right? Right. So will the permanent "super-bases" we're building all over the country continue to support and house American troops throughout the Obama presidency. Of course they will. How about the largest US embassy ever, and the
fucking myriad CIA agents it houses, will that remain? Yes, yes it will. Well, what about all the trillions (literally trillions) of dollars that
just disappeared in this, the greatest profit-taking event of the post-modern life of the Military-Industrial Complex, won't Barry Obama look into that shit? Oh hell no. But he'll hold some of these Bush fuckers accountable, right? I mean, they're the most corrupt administration ever, right? Won't he bring some of them to justice? Well, aside from whatever fall-guys and patsy's piss off the New World Order between now and 2012, that's a big NO. Did you catch what Cass Sunstein said? I know, I know who the hell is Cass Sunstein, right? Well Obamaton, he's your Chosen One's top legal advisor, from, where else, Milton Friedman's evil little nest, Chicago
University. Sunstein said, oh fuck it, you look it up yourself. HELL NO!

My Wife Works for the CFR, its cool the CFR...

..."is just a place, where, people go to talk about foreign policy."

This is what Barack Obama told a brave questioner in Oregon a few months ago, who wondered about Obama's connections to the CFR.

This is the kind of lie you have just love. Any asshole with an Encyclopedia Britannica can tell you that this is not true. But here's Barack, telling you like it isn't.
Yup. Michelle Obama sits on the board of directors of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. That's the CFR's cute little regional
globalist assembly line in the mid west. Not up on you CFR history? Go to the Duluth Public Library and check out Carol Quigley's rare masterpiece, Tragedy & Hope. The fact that our library has this book, which only saw one printed edition before it was sqaushed by globalist cabal, is fucking great. Most people can't go to their libraries and read this kind of thing, BUT YOU CAN! Who was Carol
Quigley? Oh, nobody. Just a Georgetown history professor who was thanked and called a "mentor" by one William Jefferson Clinton in his inuaguration speech. Its one of these books these fuckers right thats like 1300 pages, and they assume (rightly) that you don't read anything let alone a 1300 page history. Don't wanna make the whole plunge, go to the section on McCarthyism and read from there. It will be well worth your time. And mine, I really don't wanna hold your hand and explain all about Cecil Rhodes and the RIIA and the queen's men. So study up, the CFR is a very important group in the grand scheme of lies and violence Barack Obama is perched atop.

Stay tuned Haters! More to follow!

Oh, and I haven't been able yet to respond to the above nonsense from the (evidently fake) blogger police. Cool, so you're not only cloaked in anonymity, but it's a stolen anonymous identity. Ha HA! I fucking love haters!

More To Follow!

Hmm. For someone who likes to simmer and scrape the scum from the top, you might be throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

I'll go check your facts when I get time to break away from my own verbal masturbation.

Constant use of "regime, grid, cabal, evil, group, nest" suggests a little too heavy on the brain detergent, maybe?

make it stop