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I know Duluth has high gas prices, but...


I spotted this while driving down London Road on Friday afternoon.

Right after taking the photo, I started going to the station to let them know about their wacky sign when, as I watched, the price changed to 2.74.9. So, apparently it was just human error. Though I do have to wonder about the couple of drivers (cars at far left) who decided to pull into the station to fill up when the sign was incorrect.

I saw that gas in Two Harbors was 2.69 a gallon on Friday. Gas in Duluth was anywhere from 2.74 to 2.79. I've never been able to figure that out.


I work in Two Harbors so I've learned to buy gas there. It's usually 5 to 10 cents cheaper, but that wasn't always the case. Back 5 years ago when I started working in Two Harbors gas was less expensive in Duluth. It's flipflopped over the last few years. Search me as to why.

Oh, you didn't notice the dollar drop by 60%?

Wait - the prices are really under $3 a gallon?

maybe it's the price of oil?...

or, maybe jut like in 2006, the price dropped under $3 RIGHT BEFORE the elections after being super high all year... then it went back up.

Eh- that's nothing. People were paying much more at the Milkhouse on Piedmont

the husband told me in july that the per gallon price of oil would be less then $3 on election day. i said no way. he was right, per usual.

Dawn, I said the same thing this past summer and no one believed me. Back when I moved from Madison, WI to the Twin Ports in 1990, I asked a bunch of people why gas prices were so much higher. Everyone told me it was because the trucks had to drive further. Uh.... yeah. Then I asked them about the Murphy Oil refinery in Superior's east end. Never got an answer to that one. Now that I live in the middle of nowhere (2 hrs southwest of Duluth), gas has been consistently cheaper than anywhere else I've seen in Minnesota ($2.52 at the moment, and falling).

Um, let's not get our conspiracy theory panties all in a bundle.

Global economic panics tend to drive down the global demand for things like oil, which is needed for things like the production of goods, etc.

The US is actually at a 5-year low with regards to demand for oil. Considering that the US consumes approximately a quarter of the world's oil, that's a pretty significant drop in demand.

Accordingly, OPEC now seems ready to lower production by a couple million barrels a day or so.

nom nom oil nom nom nom

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