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Hometown shame

Yep. rally in Duluth.


Yeah. sure. I'm willing to bet the side facing Palin said something else entirely.

The other side of the sign said "3 things keep us free: God, Guns and Sarah!"

I like the slow motion clapping sounds. That is pretty cool.

That is precious. It kinda reminds me of the slightly intoxicated UMD Young Republican guy who attended the January 2003 protest at city hall against invading Iraq who held a sign saying 'Nuke France'.

Funny (especially in the pathetic sick way) article about the reasons some men have for supporting Palin.


I think her husband is actually fucking dumber than her. Id shoot her in one of my MILF scenes tho. Where is Duluth anyways?

That's like having a sign that says, "Eliot Spitzer was a Governor." Stupid, shameless republicans.

moron! the guy with the sign is gonna be on red & blue's shit list. let the letter writing commence. ATWA don't mess around.

At least the sign wasnt racist.

What was this crap Mr Palin was spewing while in Duluth about being part of the ticket? Sheez, if Mrs. Obama had said something like that, those bat-shit crazy right-wingers would be screaming bloody murder. That Billy Watson dude is right -- Todd's even fucking dumber than his dumb wife, who's so dumb she doesn't get that she was being laughed at to her face on SNL. Don't think her appearance there won her any votes. But then she wasn't in the "pro-America" part of the USA, right?

There are crazies on both sides, everyone. You'd all probably be laughing if it was a sign saying "F$CK Bush" or "Bush is the #1 Terrorist" like I've been reading for the last 8 years. Just goes to show that both sides are just as screwed up.

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