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Halloween on Superior Street

[Apologies to Zoey. This was taken five years ago.]

Holy crap there's a lot going on this Friday.

Fitger's Brewhouse | The Freewheelers Halloween
Jamie Ness, Jim Hall, and Brad Nelson cover Bob Dylan songs. Attendees are encouraged to dress as a character from a Bob Dylan song. Maybe I'll go as Arnold Friend, the character from Joyce Carol Oates' short story "Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?" which was based on Dylan's song, "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue." God, this is like another kind of Geek Prom.

Carmody Irish Pub | Tangier 57, Haus Meeting, and Tim Kaiser
A/K/A the three weirdest acts in town. I heard a rumor today that there will also be a chartered bus running back and forth between Carmody and the Blue Crab (?) in the West End, which (coincidentally?) is where Tim K. played Homegrown. If you missed that show, you need to see this show. If you saw that show ... 'nuff said.

Pizza Lucé | Cars & Trucks, Crew Jones, Giljunko, The Keep Aways, Some People's Kids
God help you if you should even make it into this bucket of mayhem. And it's all-ages, too. At last year's Lucé Halloween party, I think I was the last person allowed in the door.


Sir Ben's | Two Many Banjos, Old Knifey & the Cutthroats, Teague Alexy

RT Quinlan's | Surfactants, 550 Million Society, Maudlin and Circa AM

Rex | Prince Paul & Conscious Party

Red Star | DJ Brotherman's "epic Thriller mix"


Hell's Kitchen | Halloween Masquerade Event
Not part of this whole nightmare on Superior Street, but still ... details a few posts below.

Edison's annual Halloween party

The Reef | The Very People

Did I miss anything?


There is a FREE Rubber Chicken Radio Hour tonight at Hell's Kitchen, starting at 7pm.

OK, so that's not Friday, but if you want to get your Halloween Eve on....

All Hallow's Eve at Emerson.

Prince Paul @ Rex Bar
Surfactants, etc. @ Quinlan's

"Bat Boy: The Musical" opens at CSS that night with a midnight showing. I've been told there's been high ticket demand, so this weekend may be sold-out, but there's always the weekend after....

All of the Halloween events I know of are listed here:

The Very People are playing at The Reef. It's Ben Luoma's last gig with the band, too. The Reef rarely has original music, so show your support for it.

what is the line-up for emerson?

anyone know what the line up is for emerson?

Critical Mass!, the monthly bike parade.

Bring your bike, wear a costume: meet at 5:30pm Leif Erikson Park, by Leif's statue.

Emerson: know what the lineup is, anyone?

Emerson: know what the lineup is, anyone?

Lineup for Emerson: anyone know what it is?

Lineup for Emerson: anyone know what it is?

Jack Chick Plays are still running at the Play Ground at 7:30 pm. They only last an hour, so you have plenty of time for other festivities. Halloween candy and religious tracts will be provided!

And don't forget about "The Pillowman." Renegade's producing it at the Teatro Zuccone, also on Superior St. If you feel like laughing at things you'd be ashamed to have your mother see you laughing at, I highly recommend it!

Also, a ton of bands playing at the World of Wheels in Superior starting at about 3pm.

Come on... you know you want to go to a show at a roller rink that probably hasn't seen a vacuum or dust cloth in 30+ years!

Emerson: Kritical Kontact, Vincent Cadillac, Hill City Rockers and Heavy J & the Fantastics • $15 • 9PM–1AM • 21+

Malloween at the Miller Hill Mall

Whole Foods Co-op Halloween Party: FREE • 4–7PM
Whole Foods Co-op, 610 E. 4th St. (728.0884)

Number One Common: 10PM
Norm’s Beer & Brats, 1901 Broadway (394.9689)

Stargate Halloween: 9PM • 21+
Stargate, 619 Tower Ave. (395.2222)

Halloween @ World of Wheels: Surfactants, Trench, 19:11, Maudlin, Tiger Blue Death Squad, 550 Million Society, Portraits for Judith, Circa A.M. • $7 • 3PM • All-ages
World of Wheels, 1218 Oakes Ave., Superior

Halloween w/ Eeriearq: FREE • 8PM • All-ages
Beaner’s Central, 324 N. Central Ave. (624.5957)

Halloween Dance Set w/ DJ Brotherman: epic mix of THRILLER at Midnight • FREE • 9PM
Red Star Lounge, 600 E. Superior St. (723.7827)

The Flame Halloween Costume Party: 9PM • 21+
Flame Nightclub, 1612 Tower Ave. (395.0101)

Oly’s Halloween Party w/ Rock Garden: FREE • 9PM
Oly’s Duluth Pub, 323 W. 1st St. (722.7100)

Bev’s Halloween Bash: Trench, Portraits for Judith, Xhaust & Grounds for Dismissal
$4 • 10PM • 21+
Bev’s Jook Joint, 820 Tower Ave. (392.5373)

JT’s Halloween Thriller Dance-off: 9PM • 21+
JT’s Bar & Grill, 1506 N. 3rd St. (394.2580)

Night at the Aquarium Halloween Overnighter: $20/$60 Family • 7PM–9AM
Great Lakes Aquarium, 353 Harbor Dr. (740.3474)

Halloween Karaoke: FREE • 9PM
Twins Bar, 501 E. 4th St. (727.3871)

Bus between Carmody and the Blue Crab is unconfirmed at this point.

I heard chris whittier and mark lindquist will be driving that bus

Haus Meeting can't make it tonight for the Carmody show, so Tangier 57 asked the 4th weirdest act in town (me) to cover that slot. I won't be as cute or as funny as Haus Meeting, but still plenty weird. Sammy.

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