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From the Photo Archive | Oct. 13, 1899


“The schools of our country lie at the foundation of our institutions. They are the citadel of our power. They constitute the cornerstone of our safety and security. Every boy and girl can have an education without money and without price. They can have an education that will equip them for every emergency of life. I want to tell the young people: While you have opportunity, draw from this foundation of learning. For as you grow older there will be little time for it. Fill your minds with knowledge.” --President William McKinley, speaking in front of Duluth Central High School on Oct. 13, 1899


The Duluth Evening Herald reported that President McKinley said to Duluth Mayor Henry Truelsen, as his carriage left the scene, "I wonder if any person thought to get a picture of that gathering. I would like so much to have one."


Coolest building in town, in a creepy Ghostbusters kind of way.

By far the coolest building I have ever worked in. I love it.

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