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FOUND: little red wagon


Did anybody lose their wagon about, oh, 20+ years ago? I found it at Hartley today, in the pine grove east of the pond. It's still there, if you want to go pick it up.


You ever see the movie "Radio Flyer" in which kids build a flying wagon but it's not clear what happens to it because the ending is kind if cryptic? Now we know.

Wagon: no
Marbles: yes

No marbles in Hartley, but I did also find some old rusty buckets which may have once held marbles. You could dig around in the leaves and duff to look for them.

Farglebargle: That movie still haunts me. The father in that movie beat not only the children, but the dog--to the point of the children finding it bloody in the garbage, whimpering. The kids built a flying wagon to escape the abuse their father inflicted, taking the battered dog with them.

Still makes me nauseous.

I didn't lose a wagon, but a few months ago someone took a little red peddle car, called a Kett car, out my yard around 19th Ave and 5th street--if you (or anybody happens to find that one buried in the buses--maybe in Lower Chester Creek, let me know--my 5 year old loved peddling that thing.

(Yup, sorry Clumsy, that's the one you handed round to us--I didn't have the heart to tell you it had been stolen).

Yeah, that movie blows. It was marketed as a family film and the ending makes no sense. Any kid who watches it gets scarred for life.

so much depends
a red wheel
glazed with rain
beside the white

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