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Fortunate Wilderness

Filmmaker George Desort will premiere his movie, Fortunate Wilderness at the Marshall Performing Arts Center (UMD) on Nov. 6 at 7 :00 pm (The film premiere is free!). George is a thoughtful artist and delivers a beautiful look at the wolf-moose research of Isle Royale. The human relationship with the natural world is at the heart of the movie.

The movie should provide an added draw to Duluthians, as the band Low has contributed original music to support the images. George has shared that he feels a connection between Low's music and his own work.

Watch for posters advertising other great events scheduled for Nov 5-7. Duluth will be celebrating the 50 years of wolf moose research in a way that honors special wild places.


I highly recommend anyone who follows the Isle Royale wolf/moose study, likes Isle Royale, or just the outdoors in general takes the opportunity to see this film! It's only premiering in Chicago other than Duluth!

Please email me info on the other events scheduled for Nov. 5-7.

calendar [at] transistormag.com

Here's the info I have for 3 events I plan to attend. I believe there's also a family talk about Isle wolves and moose at Hartley on Wednesday night, and I've read the filmmaker is doing a talk somewhere at UMD at noon on Friday the 7th.

George Desort’s documentary on the Isle Royale wolf and moose study, Fortunate Wilderness will be shown from 7 – 8:30 pm on Thurs., Nov. 6 in the Marshall Performing Arts Center. Fortunate Wilderness captures the science and wonder of the world’s longest large mammal study — the study of wolves and moose on Isle Royale.

“American Indian Ethics Meets Wolf-Moose Research” with wilderness scholar Michael Nelson will be presented from noon- 1 pm on Fri., Nov. 7 in the Library Fourth Floor Rotunda.

“50 Years of Wolf Moose Research” with biologists Rolf Peterson and John Vucetich will be presented from 7 – 8:30 pm on Fri., Nov. 7 in the Marshall Performing Arts Center. They will present findings from the 50 years of large mammal study on Isle Royale.

As part of the wolf-moose research events, the UMD Library has an actual moose skeleton in the lobby and a wolf skeleton on the second floor. There are also great posters with information and some video.

The skeletons are pretty cool. Stop by and take a look.

Will people be able to see it after the premiere? Will it be showing in any local theaters? I want to go, but cannot make that date.

Good info, magus. I guess I missed the video when I went last week. I liked the section about the length of various moose metatarsus -- creationists may not.

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