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Fighting for the People...


this site has all the dirt on that batshit crazy baby farmer.


That is hilarious!!!!!!

C-Freak, I swear, as God is my witness, if there's justice in this world, this whackjob is going to be saying goodbye to political life in 2 weeks. She gives the wonderful people of Minnesota a bad name. I'm hoping the people in her district do the right thing and vote her out of office.

I find it interesting that according to the Bible Jesus never said anything about gay relationship partners burning in hell. I think that the christian right has worn out thier welcome and they continue to forget another biblical writing and that was Jesus told only one other person besides the deciples he was the son of God and that was a prostitute from Samaria. So when I get people like Michelle Bachman talking to me about right and wrong I think what would Jesus do. I'll bet he would turn over some tables in her church.

todd gremmels for the win.

That woman digusts me. I'm so glad her own ignorance has helped her opponent.

Thanks Tony and I am so sorry that I missed your gig.

Thanks Tony and I am so sorry that I missed your gig.

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