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Fancy Suits -- Reported Every Gift He's Ever Received

"First of all, every gift I've ever received has been reported, ok. But the idea of responding to the things bloggers throw out is something I'm not going to get into. There are very awful things that are said about people on the blogs."

We're not going to respond to unnamed sources on blogs.


Let me be very clear on this. I DID receive one "Cleveland Steamer", and I did not enjoy it.

I had read the transcript on http://minnesotaindependent.com

The video is even more awkwardly hilarious.

This worries me. I mean, the real question is: has senator Coleman reported every gift he's ever received? Cause I'm not hearing an answer on that one.

So, if he's reported it, where is the the report? Let me guess, that report will be released Nov. 5.

THat was HILARIOUS! THanks for posting it, Adam. I always thought Sen. Coleman was a pretty snappy dresser. Now I know how he does it. Sheez, how come no one pays my shopping bills for me?

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