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Duluth's history explored on student journalism Web site

dcn photo.jpg
The first stories of the fall are now on the Duluth Community News Web site. Journalism students at the University of Minnesota Duluth went out into area neighborhoods with the task of finding the untold stories of the area’s history. The more than 20 stories include:
- The story of legendary Park Point photographer Mira Southworth
- The mystery of why Duluth has so many intersections without stop signs
- The “three-cracker packet” guys at a Lakeside bakery
- The story of the Polish National Catholic Church in the Central Hillside


These are really good and I am excited to read all of them. But I had a point of clarification type question. Isn't the Polish National Catholic Church closed? In fact, there are many closed churches in the hillside area that I notice driving around and even more when I'm walking around.

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