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Dear Summer: Just die.

Just seen this across from Starbucks, about 1:30 this afternoon. A bit intense for late october don't you think?


Horrible October Day


but with the wind chill, it feels like only about 50

I think you Photoshopped it.

I think it is the machines warning us of the future. First the Holiday Station sign advertising gas for $7.49 a gallon. Now this. These things usually come in three. What will be the third Omen?

Maybe they're missing the decimal point...

It's a KUMD conspiracy.

It is kind of like Maximum Overdrive, but instead of killing us, the machines are just scaring us with tales of less favorable conditions.

That could explain the stock market ticker lately...

Haven't we all done this? Hold the bank thermometer close to a light bulb and then show your mom you're too sick to go to school? Next, somebody will make fake vomit from last night's leftovers and dump it in the lake. Then we'll lay around all week and watch TV in our PJs!

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