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Birthday Party Ideas?

I have a boy who will be turning 9 next month. I am looking for party ideas.

So far I have:
Vertical Endeavors
IMax Theater

Does anyone have any ideas out there for a, creative, fun, educational, (possibly all three) birthday party?


Country Lanes bowling (by KMart) is fun and easy, if not creative. It's about $8 per kid for an hour of bowling, shoes included, and pizza and pop for the kids. I have done this several times and brought my own cake, veggie tray and juice for the kids.

Oh, Beverly, that is a great idea. I forgot all about bowling.

GLA has b-day party packages.

I think Incline Station has good deals too

Yeah, we went to GLA for # 8. I will check out the Incline, too. Last time we were there, we thought it was pretty expensive. Never went for a kids party, though.

The Marshall W. Alworth Planetarium over at UMD. They do private showings and are very catering to groups and birthdays. AND did I mention they are FREE? Head over to their site and check it out, very very cool.
Marshall W. Alworth Planetarium

Our kids like the waterpark but that may be because they have winter birthdays.

Try the world of wheels in Superior for roller skating fun

I know someone who threw a party for their kid at Chester Bowl, it was a scavenger hunt, and then they went home for cake & ice cream. I have say, my kid has gone to most of the places listed above for bday parties, they're all great, I esp. liked World of Wheels in Supetown.

I think Hartley Nature Center does birthdays with a nature walk and a craft or something.

Huntin, yall dawg

my kid used to love miniature golf. The course over by the Meteor is fun. But it might be too cold for that. It might not even be open!

Another popular one was the homemade obstacle course in the park followed by cookout. Especially if the kids make the fire(s).

The aquarium is pretty cool- they have a backroom party area to play/cake out in after checking out the fish, also you can hire the zoo mobile to come to your house for like $50 and they will bring 4 different creatures I believe.

The Mattevi Martial Arts Academy as well as the Arrohead Gymnastic Academy both do pretty fun birthday parties, none of the kids need to be members.

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