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Antiques, Collectibles, and...

scary doll.jpg

...NOT this scary doll.

But some cool old retro stuff to be had at my garage sale this Fri (about 8 - 4 PM) and Sat (about 8 - 1). Costumes, Viva Las Vegas stuff, vintage kitchenware, old S & P's, vintage advertisements, antique linens, hats, cool kids' toys, yardware, other fun stuff.

815 E. 13th Street (near Kenwood/Skyline/13th Street 5 corners - a block below Skyline - a couple blocks above Grant School. (Down the street from Hizzonner)

I need the money 'cuz I'm losing my job. Long story - but come and check it out! Thanks!

PS I haven't posted lately because my 'net is shut off 'cuz I'm losing ... Oh, never mind.


are you keeping little Chuckie? He's cute.

I'm sorry you lost your job, GFTNC. That really stinks. Good luck with everything, I hope things work out for you.

Thanks you guys. Claire, I am still hanging by my fingernails - through zero fault of my own! Chris, if I had a little Chuckie like that, I would save him for YOU.

I forgot to say in the post that if you mention Perfect Duluth Day, you'll get a deal on whatever you buy. Also, I have a "Christmas Story" Red Ryder BB gun from the 1950's - it doesn't shoot but it's an awesome Christmas decoration/movie memorabilia...

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