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A Strange Combination

Charlie Parr's song, "1922," used in an ad for the international cell phone company, Vodafone.

The song on the Vodafone ad is a tribute to his father called "1922" — that's the year his father was born. The song is a perfect tribute to the hard-times ballads of the '30s and '40s: "Well I worked all summer couldn't save a cent gave all of my money to the government. I don't know how it got spent but the banks are coming for my deed boys … ain't that the way it is?"

You can imagine, then, Parr's reaction when he first heard his song attached to the good-life imagery of the Vodafone ad. "It's about my father hopping freight trains," he says. "I wasn't thinking about yuppies when I wrote it. It's kind of embarrassing."

MINNPOST.COM: How a Duluth bluesman's tribute to his train-hopping father became the soundtrack for a corporate giant


I think it's sort of creepy in that video when he folds up his girl and puts her in his pocket.

It would have been cooler if they just showed him folding up an iPhone. Or if at the end of the commercial, he was riding the rails and singing "Jimmy Crack Corn" like the guy on Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.

hopefully a big check with your name on it accompanies the yuppie horror of it all. Otherwise... I don't know what to say-- besides hop the next damn freight to nowhere, man.

Yea, the folding girl - totally creepy!

Well, good for him!

Corporate paps or not, that's some great exposure.

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