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A Brief Trip to the Corkupine Mountains

Mug-shot of Jason Cork
Courtesy of Houghton Police Department.

Duluth's adopted son, Jason Cork, is hosting a grand weekend event, featuring Jamie Ness and Brad Nelson.


How many times has Corkdog flown in from Palin-Knows-Where, for the sole purpose to puke on your carpet and drink your beer? It's time we return the favor!!

Get yer crap together and head UP to the U.P. eh?



Nice tunes Jason. God Bless You!

a) I haven't puked on a carpet for over a decade. Come on ...

b) I'm usually pretty good about buying my share of beer. Galiano. Brats and sauerkraut. Whatnot.

c) I think we've got like eight people sleeping on my floor as-is, so ... why wouldn't you come to Hancock?

d) Yes, I know "Hancock" rhymes with something I've been associated with.

e) Why not?

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