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October 31, 2008


CLounge ColorSingle.jpg
In all the hubbub about the election, don't forget to send your short films to Cinema Lounge!

IFP MN’s film curator is currently seeking submissions for the December 5 Duluth Cinema Lounge extravaganza. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS NOVEMBER 14.

Submissions are free and do not guarantee that your films will be screened. If you have a short you'd like to screen with us, call Paul at (651) 644-1912, or download a submission form from the IFP MN website at http://www.ifpmn.org/lounge.html and send it in with your work (20 min or less) on DVD to:

IFP MN’s Cinema Lounge Duluth
Attn: Paul Clark
2446 University Ave. West
St. Paul, MN 55114


6:00pm- “How to Apply” workshop for the McKnight Fellowship for a $25,000 grant
7:00pm- Special Cinema Lounge featuring local original short films and Filmmaker Q&A
9:00 pm- AFTER PARTY at the Sheraton Duluth, sponsored by Zeitgeist Arts


For more information: (651) 644-1912, or [email protected], or go to www.ifpmn.org

Ain't nothin' to it but to do it!

This guy is hilarious! I don't think he lifts anything under 300 pounds.

October 30, 2008

Lawd knows I've had plenty of these...

pdd 004.bmp

What?! Aw, c'mon! Anyone?.......Fellas?

since reposting is now fashionable

... I dont feel bad about this...

Stay Safe out there Friday everybody...whats this anyway? A homegrown warm-up wknd?

Birthday Party Ideas?

I have a boy who will be turning 9 next month. I am looking for party ideas.

So far I have:
Vertical Endeavors
IMax Theater

Does anyone have any ideas out there for a, creative, fun, educational, (possibly all three) birthday party?

"Breathtaking...Superbly Done." - Duluth News Tribune

Pillowman Poster PDD.jpg

Come see the show the Duluth News Tribune hailed as "innovatively shocking" and "like a kick to the stomach."

A writer is interrogated about the gruesome content of his unpublished stories, and their similarities to a series of recent murders. The result is a powerful work of theatrical dynamite that is both darkly funny and utterly terrifying, culminating in a shocking twist ending that reaffirms the very nature and purpose of art.

This show features adult language and themes... Seriously.

Thurs-Sat, Oct 30th -Nov 8th at 8pm
At the Teatro Zuccone, 222 East Superior St in Downtown Duluth
Call 336-1414 for tickets or visit www.renegadecomedytheatre.com

Election Eve Parties?

I am feeling the need to watch the election results surrounded my food and booze, preferably supplied by someone else (guess it's my socialist background). Where are people going on election night?

Halloween on Superior Street

[Apologies to Zoey. This was taken five years ago.]

Holy crap there's a lot going on this Friday.

Fitger's Brewhouse | The Freewheelers Halloween
Jamie Ness, Jim Hall, and Brad Nelson cover Bob Dylan songs. Attendees are encouraged to dress as a character from a Bob Dylan song. Maybe I'll go as Arnold Friend, the character from Joyce Carol Oates' short story "Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?" which was based on Dylan's song, "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue." God, this is like another kind of Geek Prom.

Carmody Irish Pub | Tangier 57, Haus Meeting, and Tim Kaiser
A/K/A the three weirdest acts in town. I heard a rumor today that there will also be a chartered bus running back and forth between Carmody and the Blue Crab (?) in the West End, which (coincidentally?) is where Tim K. played Homegrown. If you missed that show, you need to see this show. If you saw that show ... 'nuff said.

Pizza Lucé | Cars & Trucks, Crew Jones, Giljunko, The Keep Aways, Some People's Kids
God help you if you should even make it into this bucket of mayhem. And it's all-ages, too. At last year's Lucé Halloween party, I think I was the last person allowed in the door.


Sir Ben's | Two Many Banjos, Old Knifey & the Cutthroats, Teague Alexy

RT Quinlan's | Surfactants, 550 Million Society, Maudlin and Circa AM

Rex | Prince Paul & Conscious Party

Red Star | DJ Brotherman's "epic Thriller mix"


Hell's Kitchen | Halloween Masquerade Event
Not part of this whole nightmare on Superior Street, but still ... details a few posts below.

Edison's annual Halloween party

The Reef | The Very People

Did I miss anything?

Critical Mass Friday!

Come ride your bicycle or shake your fist out your car window! A Halloween Critical Mass bike ride is brewing!

Critical Mass (according to Wikipedia) is a bicycling event typically held on the last Friday of every month in over 300 cities around the world. While the ride was originally founded with the idea of drawing attention to how unfriendly the cities can be to bicyclists, the leaderless structure of Critical Mass makes it impossible to assign it any one specific goal. In fact, the purpose of Critical Mass is not formalized beyond the direct action of meeting at a set location and time and traveling as a group through city or town streets.

Critical Mass Bike Ride
Friday, October 31 - 5:30pm
Gather at Leif Ericson Park
Come in costume if you are in the Hallowe'en spirit!

October 29, 2008

FOUND: little red wagon


Did anybody lose their wagon about, oh, 20+ years ago? I found it at Hartley today, in the pine grove east of the pond. It's still there, if you want to go pick it up.

Anyone got the 411?


I've heard that there is a little boat that drives out to the enormous freighters to act like a floating market - selling cigarettes and snack food. Does anyone know anything about that?

It would make a good story for this hungry freelancer.

Thanks in advance!

October 28, 2008

Low live at ATP on WFMU (mp3s)


Would You Survive?

Enough talk about what weapons are best and where to hide out - test your zombie survival skills for real!*
The Outbreak - zombie survival horror choose your own adventure movie!
For the record, I died, a lot.

* Note: "for real" does not actually mean "for real" of course...

Grant Elementay Steps to the Future Powwow and Career Fair

The Grant Community School Collaborative will be hosting their annual Powwow and Career/College Fair on Thursday, November 6, 2008. This will be an enjoyable event featuring a feast, singing and dancing, and time for families and friends to socialize. We expect over 250 people from our community to attend.

We are looking for your help with the Career portion of our Powwow! Our request is simple: We are asking for college recruiters and volunteers from our local business and service community to be table leaders so you can share information about your college or your career with families in our community. This should be a fun, hands on chance for you to let young people and their families know what it takes to enter the careers they are most interested in – so they can take their “Steps to the Future” – and start to think about the fields they would most enjoy.

The Set up for the Carrer fair begins at 4PM and will end at about 6:30. If you are interested please e-mail [email protected] or call us at 733-2016

Thursday, November 6th, 4:30-8:00 p.m.
Grant Language & Arts Magnet School
1027 North 8th Avenue East, Duluth

4:30 Career Booths Open * 5:00 Feast * 6:30 Grand Entry


October 26, 2008

The non-secret other life of Jitterbug

We all know Julie Pearce (aka Jitterbug) as the adorable local newsperson famous for her "1000-foot shitter" blooper.

You probably didn't know that Julie is also a preemminent Drag King.

Who knew?

(I considered not posting this because it might be a private thing. Then I realized that Jitterbug has a website publicly available to the entire world. So, she's obviously not trying to hide anything. I think that's pretty cool. If, for some reason, Julie wants this post taken down, I will gladly oblige.)

Wooden Sea Kayak

kayak PDD.jpg

For sale woodstrip kayak. Beautiful, sleek, fast and fun. Yours for $500. Read more here.

I can Deliver to Duluth for Free Nov. 6-8th.

October 25, 2008

repost: Halloween night!


No Cover? Yep.

October 24, 2008

Duluth's history explored on student journalism Web site

dcn photo.jpg
The first stories of the fall are now on the Duluth Community News Web site. Journalism students at the University of Minnesota Duluth went out into area neighborhoods with the task of finding the untold stories of the area’s history. The more than 20 stories include:
- The story of legendary Park Point photographer Mira Southworth
- The mystery of why Duluth has so many intersections without stop signs
- The “three-cracker packet” guys at a Lakeside bakery
- The story of the Polish National Catholic Church in the Central Hillside

October 23, 2008

My bad...

Dear Summer: Just die.

Just seen this across from Starbucks, about 1:30 this afternoon. A bit intense for late october don't you think?


Horrible October Day

October 22, 2008

Fortunate Wilderness

Filmmaker George Desort will premiere his movie, Fortunate Wilderness at the Marshall Performing Arts Center (UMD) on Nov. 6 at 7 :00 pm (The film premiere is free!). George is a thoughtful artist and delivers a beautiful look at the wolf-moose research of Isle Royale. The human relationship with the natural world is at the heart of the movie.

The movie should provide an added draw to Duluthians, as the band Low has contributed original music to support the images. George has shared that he feels a connection between Low's music and his own work.

Watch for posters advertising other great events scheduled for Nov 5-7. Duluth will be celebrating the 50 years of wolf moose research in a way that honors special wild places.

October 21, 2008

Confusing election sign


I saw this election billboard in Detroit Lakes earlier this month. It confused me. I'm not sure, but I think I'd rather vote for the candidate who puts the "sense" back in common sense (hint to Jimmy Vareberg's opponent).

The way I read the sign, it seems to say "elect me because I am a totally ordinary person." But don't we want to elect leaders with special qualifications? Maybe he is just railing against the Detroit Lakes elite.

And, since I assume "Jimmy" is the man, what's with featuring his wife (again, I'm assuming that's who she is) more prominently?

Oh, local elections. You've got to love them.

Just In Time For Halloween ...

Pillowman Poster PDD.jpg

From Academy Award winner Martin McDonagh comes a pitch-black dark comedy that the New York Times hailed as "Unsettling and exhilarating...gripping." A writer is interrogated about the gruesome content of his unpublished stories, and their similarities to a series of recent murders. The result is a powerful work of theatrical dynamite that is both darkly funny and utterly terrifying, culminating in a series of shocking twists that reaffirms the very nature and purpose of art.


October 23-25, 30-Nov.1, 6-8 | 8:00pm
At the Teatro Zuccone: 222 E. Superior St. in Downtown Duluth

Call 336-1414 for tickets or visit www.renegadecomedytheatre.com

October 20, 2008

Bat Boy: The Musical! at CSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Batboy_poster 2.jpg

Opens on Halloween! Tickets are flying!

Hot Chicks!


Colder by the Lake is doing the Jack Chick Plays this weekend and next. I'm assuming these plays are based on the infamous Chick tracts which are just about the most horrible form of proselytizing ever invented. And considering the cast and the director, this promises to be hilarious. I think this is a must see.

This is a trailer from a movie based on the same tracts, so you get an idea of the material we're dealing with here.

Walk Outs Support Gathering

Have you walked out of school or college? Ever think about just walking out and creating your own learning somewhere else? Do you see schools as part of the "big machine" and you're just caught in it and want a way out?

Walk Out Duluth! is a newly forming network of folks who want to take the "unschooling" path, and support one another for doing so. They are hosting their initial support gathering this week.


Walkouts Support Gathering
Thursday, October 23
Hannah House
1705 Jefferson Street
Duluth, MN 55812

For more information, email [email protected], or call 218-728-4385

Halloween @ the Brewhouse


If you have a costume of Napoleon in Rags, a Motorcycle Black Madonna , or some other Dylan song Character, wear it to the Freewheelers show Halloween night, the 5 best will get a growler of Brewhouse beer. Oh, and we need a judge for the contest, (a Dylanologist) who will earn 3 pints for his or her trouble. Cheers.

Will Steger, eyewitness to global warming, in Duluth at UMD

Download file

Fighting for the People...

Gnome Thieves Disgust Me

We had a little garden gnome on our front "porch" which I just noticed this morning has disappeared. I was somewhat fond of this little guy...and only someone stupidly drunk would consider stealing him. If you happen to see him, please alert me so I can go claim him. Or steal him back for me, if you feel so inclined. I couldn't find a picture online, he was a garage sale purchase from my friend's mom, but he's pretty small, maybe a foot or so, and he has a "bowl" i can't remember if it was an upturned leaf, or mushroom, or what, i assume it's for feeding birds, but I just let it catch rainwater.

Thanks for your help. We miss you, little gnomester.

October 19, 2008

Hometown shame

Yep. rally in Duluth.

You wanna debate? I'll give you something to debate.

Top-five albums from Duluth bands:

[no particular order]

Low, Trust. "Last Snowstorm of the Year" is awesome, as are the rest of the songs. Somewhere, someone has a tape of them playing most [all?] of this album on KUMD.

Charlie Parr, Backslider. LIve at the Brewhouse. Crowd noise. Charlie, despite his cell-phone hawking proclivities, is amazing. The studio albums are great as well.

Giljunko, Gaspump Graveyard. I think I've listened to this album more than Lifter Puller's Fiestas + Fiascos. That's saying a lot.

Crew Jones, Who's Beach. If you ever need to foster indie-rap cred with college kids, this is a good way to begin things. Burly and Mic Trout: Record & release something soon. Even if it's a musical monograph about how the two-party system is a sham.

Bone Appetit, Straight Outta Coffin. Love, Lust and Rock 'n' Roll is the Eric Swanson-produced record, but I think the boombox recording they made to get into Homegrown is a more accurate representation of the ridiculousness of the band. I'll disable comments if someone begins to explain how awful these guys are .

Honorable mention: Both's The Inevitable Phyllis. Black-eyed Snakes, Rise Up!.

Album which would be on the list, had he been living in Duluth when it was recorded: Jamie Ness's Dodging The Landlord.

Song which could be covered by some crappy teen group -- most likely a group of brothers -- and net millions of dollars: "Dream Day", by Sunny Wicked, off the Hagstrom produced Superior Street Rocks. Don't seek this one out, less you get it stuck in your head for many, many years. My laws, is it bad. But, my laws, is it catchy.

October 17, 2008

I know Duluth has high gas prices, but...


I spotted this while driving down London Road on Friday afternoon.

Right after taking the photo, I started going to the station to let them know about their wacky sign when, as I watched, the price changed to 2.74.9. So, apparently it was just human error. Though I do have to wonder about the couple of drivers (cars at far left) who decided to pull into the station to fill up when the sign was incorrect.

I saw that gas in Two Harbors was 2.69 a gallon on Friday. Gas in Duluth was anywhere from 2.74 to 2.79. I've never been able to figure that out.

Watch for Fallen Rock



Last week I came across this big concrete block at the entrance to the old Silberstein and Bondy Building at 9 W. Superior St. I looked up and, sure enough, it appears to have fallen off the top of the building. The fact that it isn't smashed to pieces, however, leads me to believe it probably didn't fall, but I've come up with no other explanation.

October 16, 2008

Duluth Parkour

HCIS students are enjoying the new school year. This is the first video from the Friday elective: Urban Free Run and Action Video.

Music by Major Izzy Lessmore of Tangier 57

Night at the Aquarium

Night at Aquarium Poster.JPG

Scarium at the Aquarium

Scarium Poster.JPG

Anybody want a garden?


The past couple of years I've tried to maintain the garden in the traffic circle at the corner of 17th Avenue East and Jefferson. It's city-owned, but it seems to be off the radar of any city department or local garden club.

In summer 2007 I lived on that corner, noticed that no one was taking care of the garden and decided to take it on. That first summer I really did a lot of work in the garden. I then moved out of the neighborhood, but this past summer I put in some flowers and did some minimal maintenance. I'm afraid it's not looking too great right now, but it's better than it used to be.

I now find myself with a three-acre yard of my own to maintain, so I am relinquishing control of the traffic circle. Does anyone out there want to take care of it next year?

There are a lot of perennials and a lilac in the middle that almost collapses under the weight of its flowers. I'll be happy to do a walk-through to point out "keeper" plants; my e-mail is akjuneau(at)charter.net.

There is a city water tap in the middle, but after repeated attempts to get someone from the city to turn it on, I gave up. (I know the city has bigger issues to worry about, but it was pretty frustrating.) The summer heat is particularly brutal on this garden, so the lack of reliable watering was a big problem the past couple summers. It would be worth another try to get the city parks, utilities or whichever department is in charge to turn that faucet on next year.

Inattentive and/or drunk drivers also have been a problem - they take out a number of plants as they unsuccessfully try to negotiate the roundabout. So, it's probably best to not plant anything right along the edge. And, there always are a few people who use it as their personal trash dump. (I didn't mind picking up a few beer bottles - but did you have to break them?!?!?)

Despite the problems, it's a nice plot in a nice neighborhood, and there are residents in the area who really appreciate any effort that goes into the garden. I hope someone will step up to give it some TLC next year.

October 15, 2008

Sala Thai Rocks!

Just had dinner at the new Sala Thai in Woodland. Really fantastic! Our party had the spring rolls, pad thai noodles, some kind of chicken basil thing and another dish I can't remember. Five people, one glass of wine, three appetizers and five entrees for @$66.00 (I rounded up to $75 for the tip). We all left stuffed and very satisfied. Waaaaaay better than the old Nam Lee's that was in this location. They cleaned and scrubbed the place, and opened up the front so you can actually see out the windows. Simple (almost Scandinavian) decor and excellent service. I haven't had Thai this good in Minnesota! They close at 8:30 weeknights- 9:30 on Friday and Saturday. To cater to the neighborhood, they offer American breakfast from 7:00 to 10:00 am. I'll be returning soon for sure!

Antiques, Collectibles, and...

scary doll.jpg

...NOT this scary doll.

But some cool old retro stuff to be had at my garage sale this Fri (about 8 - 4 PM) and Sat (about 8 - 1). Costumes, Viva Las Vegas stuff, vintage kitchenware, old S & P's, vintage advertisements, antique linens, hats, cool kids' toys, yardware, other fun stuff.

815 E. 13th Street (near Kenwood/Skyline/13th Street 5 corners - a block below Skyline - a couple blocks above Grant School. (Down the street from Hizzonner)

I need the money 'cuz I'm losing my job. Long story - but come and check it out! Thanks!

PS I haven't posted lately because my 'net is shut off 'cuz I'm losing ... Oh, never mind.

Wind Power Redux


I know there's been previous discussions on wind power and Duluth's roll in this booming industry. Lately I've been amazed at the number of windmill parts moving through Duluth on their way to other areas of the country. But I'm left with a question that I hope someone on here may know the answer to. What's up with the route they take to get through the city and onto I-35? I'm assuming that they are coming directly from the port terminal and want to hit 35 South. What's confusing me is how the Central Avenue entrance onto the freeway is the best route? I've seen 4 semi trucks stuck at that 90 degree corner in the last month. The strange thing is I've also seen them on the freeway before that entrance, so that particular route must not be set in stone. Don't get me wrong this isn't something that is pissing me off, I'm just more curious than anything. Although it can make navigating around West Duluth a bit challenging at times.


October Iraq Moratorium vigil

This Friday, October 17, the Northland Anti-War Coalition will be holding its 13th of monthly Iraq Moratorium vigil. The vigil will be from 4:30-5:30pm on the corner of College St. & Woodland Ave. in Duluth. We'll be holding signs for passing motorists and handing out leaflets to pedestrians in a show of opposition to the war. Bring your friends!


I'm afraid I can't answer the poll with a simple "Yes" or "No" so I'll make a post.

I enjoy reading political discussions on PDD when they are informative and respectful.

Unfortunately that hasn't been the case lately.

So I tend towards "Yes" because when PDD is at its best, the discussion, political or not, is really interesting. But I think that's a standard we need to move back to.

My two cents. And I'm not disabling comments so feel free to add yours, though I know I'm asking for it.


cars & trucks this friday


three sets. a bunch of new songs. party time. seriously.

October 14, 2008

Show this Saturday


A Strange Combination

Charlie Parr's song, "1922," used in an ad for the international cell phone company, Vodafone.

The song on the Vodafone ad is a tribute to his father called "1922" — that's the year his father was born. The song is a perfect tribute to the hard-times ballads of the '30s and '40s: "Well I worked all summer couldn't save a cent gave all of my money to the government. I don't know how it got spent but the banks are coming for my deed boys … ain't that the way it is?"

You can imagine, then, Parr's reaction when he first heard his song attached to the good-life imagery of the Vodafone ad. "It's about my father hopping freight trains," he says. "I wasn't thinking about yuppies when I wrote it. It's kind of embarrassing."

MINNPOST.COM: How a Duluth bluesman's tribute to his train-hopping father became the soundtrack for a corporate giant

Watch out for (too much) Halloween Spirits


INDIE FILM NIGHT Calling for Entries!


October 13, 2008

think twice ...

before you get to wrapped up in your own (or anybody's) issues and consider this...THIS GUY PLAYED BANJO DURING HIS BRAIN SURGEY!!

Gene Lourey

Gene Lourey (Becky's husband) died in his sleep on Saturday night.
This photo is from his son Matt's funeral. (He was killed in Iraq.)


The Night That Robin Died


The Night that Robin Died is the latest Semblesque production featuring music by Craig Minowa and Cloud Cult. What's more it's the first time I've ever been on stage with both my kids at the same time. And that kinda rocks for me personally.

This weekend only!

You can buy tickets here!

From the Photo Archive | Oct. 13, 1899


“The schools of our country lie at the foundation of our institutions. They are the citadel of our power. They constitute the cornerstone of our safety and security. Every boy and girl can have an education without money and without price. They can have an education that will equip them for every emergency of life. I want to tell the young people: While you have opportunity, draw from this foundation of learning. For as you grow older there will be little time for it. Fill your minds with knowledge.” --President William McKinley, speaking in front of Duluth Central High School on Oct. 13, 1899


The Duluth Evening Herald reported that President McKinley said to Duluth Mayor Henry Truelsen, as his carriage left the scene, "I wonder if any person thought to get a picture of that gathering. I would like so much to have one."

October 12, 2008

Not to Say Bloggers Aren't Journalists*

October 11, 2008

SHOW: Halloween - World of Wheels

HALLOWEEN @ World of Wheels - ALL AGES
10/31/2008 3:00 PM
Superior, Wisconsin

The Surfactants - Trench - 19:11 - Maudlin - Tiger Blue Death Squad - 550 Million Society - Portraits for Judith - Circa A.M.

John McCain's Top Speechwriter Appears on Craig Ferguson

October 10, 2008

You'd think demon attack would have merited an above-the-fold headline.

Picture 1.png

Strange things afoot in the Milestones section..

Eau Claire man was stupid

Shane McQuillan of Eau Claire, Wisconsin will hold up a sign reading "I was stupid" instead of facing jail time for ramming his car into the gate of a waste treatment plant.

In related news, George Bush has not yet admitted stupidity nor is he facing jail time.

Election Season Movie Night

Election Season Movie Night.jpg

The YWCA is sponsoring Election Season Movie Night at the Building For Women, 32 E First St., on Thursday, October 16 and Thursday, October 23 starting at 7 pm.

October 16: Iron Jawed Angels-The true story of two women who stood up for their right to vote and ended up shaping the future of America.

October 23: Chisholm '72 Unbossed and Unbought-This POV documentary follows the campaign of the first Black woman to run for President of the United States.

There is no charge for admission. Hope to see you there!

peace protest & more THIS weekend!

The Northland Anti-War Coalition is hosting a series of events this weekend. We'll be holding 1. an anti-war march & rally, 2. a forum on Palestine, and 3. a planning meeting where you can plug into the local peace movement.

1. ANTI-WAR MARCH & RALLY - Saturday, Oct. 11 @ Noon:

We're asking folks to gather at Duluth's Leif Erickson Park on London Road from between 11:30am and noon. From there we're going to start marching at noon to the MN Power Plaza [Lake Ave. & Superior St.]. At the MN Power Plaza we'll have a rally with the following speakers: MN State Representative Mike Jaros, WI State Representative Frank Boyle, Coly Wentzlaf of UMD Students for Peace, Prof. Kathy Heltzer, and a representative of the AFSCME union speaking on behalf of the laid of city workers. There will also be literature tables from sponsoring groups there, and Food Not Bombs will be distributing free food!

It was on October 11, 2002 that Congress approved the “Iraq War Resolution” granting the Bush administration authorization to invade Iraq. On SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2008--exactly six years after Congress unleashed the dogs of war on Iraq-- we will be sending a message to the war makers in Washington and to the world: We want this war to end and we want it to end now! We are demanding nothing less than the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all occupation forces from Iraq and the closing of all military bases.

At the same time we will be protesting in Duluth, there will also be protests taking place in the following cities: Boston MA, Chicago IL, Cleveland OH, Columbus OH, Storrs CT, Hartford CT, Dayton OH, Englewood NJ, Madison WI, Minneapolis MN New York NY, Philadelphia PA, Pittsburgh PA, Providence RI, Rockland County NY, Salt Lake City UT, San Francisco CA, and Seattle WA.
2. PALESTINE FORUM - Saturday, Oct. 11 @ 6:30pm:

The same evening of the protest NAWC will be hosting an event titled, "A JUST SOLUTION FOR THE ISRAEL/PALESTINE CONFLICT? A forum featuring author Joel Kovel: a Jewish voice for peace."

The forum will start at 6:30pm and will be held in Room 80 of Montague Hall on the University of Minnesota-Duluth campus.

The speaker, Joel Kovel is a well-known Jewish activist, scholar and writer on the Middle East. His latest book is "Overcoming Zionism: Creating a Single Democratic State in Israel/Palestine". Joel Kovel argues that the inner contradictions of Zionism have led Israel to a "state-sponsored racism fully as incorrigible as that of apartheid
South Africa and deserving of the same resolution.
3. NAWC PLANNING MEETING - Sunday, Oct. 12 @ 2pm:

And finally, on Sunday, the Northland Anti-War Coalition will be holding its October planning meeting at 2pm in the library of the new Unitarian-Universalist Church on College St. [the church is located between the UMD and CSS campuses]. Starting this month NAWC will be meeting there on the 2nd Sunday of every month at that time. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend! Bring your ideas for where the local peace movement should go from here!

Northland Anti-War Coalition
P.O. Box 16853, Duluth MN 55816
[email protected]
(715) 394-6660

Duluth (unfortunately) in the NYT

The good news: They call us an "artsy shipping city," which is kind of nice.
The bad news: Well, you know the bad news.

"In Duluth, for instance, a $3 million investment the city made last summer through Merrill Lynch, which was sold to Bank of America last month, was liquidated and came back last week $2.25 million short — a devastating setback for a city."

NEW YORK TIMES: Financial Crisis Takes a Toll on Already-Squeezed Cities

October 09, 2008

When "too loud" isn't loud enough...


Sometimes I wish my stereo's volume knob went to twenty.

Fancy Suits -- Reported Every Gift He's Ever Received

"First of all, every gift I've ever received has been reported, ok. But the idea of responding to the things bloggers throw out is something I'm not going to get into. There are very awful things that are said about people on the blogs."

We're not going to respond to unnamed sources on blogs.

October 08, 2008

Service req'd

Anyone know where I can find a good TIG welder? I have some custom muffler modifications for my mutant motorcycle I need done. contact me ...cbacigalupo at gmail dot com ... Thanks

Show at "the old MAC" tonight!


Come one. Come all... to Bohemia Arts tonight at 8.
Salah A. Xanadu and Thurston Howl V (of Tangier 57 fame) make their first official appearance as Perfectini.
Best Friends Forever will not be there in full, but whichever members show up will do their best impression.
And The Terrordactyls (see pic) will surely satisfy the curiosity their website(s) pique.
see for yourself: http://www.terrordactyls.com/

Bohemia Arts, 22 N 1st Ave W.
$4 sugg. don.

October 07, 2008

Jump You F*ckers!


Sign of the times...

Birth Fair!

The Northland Birth Network presents
Pregnancy Information Night
Thursday, October 9, 6-9 p.m.
Peace Church, 1111 N 11th Ave E, Duluth
Free & Open to the public

Meet care and service providers covering the full childbearing year - pregnancy, labor and birth, newborn and post-partum. Birth story forums, baby signing classes, and drawings for prizes!

Enjoy the first Hulu Movie Premier


Thank you Hulu for Crawford

What I'm Thinking About Today...

On cold, rainy October days, some days it's just better to curl up with a good movie... or six...

October 05, 2008

More Halloween Treats


Tangier 57
, Haus Meeting and Tim Kaiser. Friday - Halloween night at Carmody.

October 04, 2008

Halloween Night - Hell's Kitchen


No Cover!!

2008 Ig Nobel Prize Winners

2008 Ig Nobel Prize Winners

The 2008 Ig Nobel Prizes were awarded on Thursday night, October 2, at the 18th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony, at Harvard's Sanders Theatre.

Massimiliano Zampini of the University of Trento, Italy and Charles Spence of Oxford University, UK, for electronically modifying the sound of a potato chip to make the person chewing the chip believe it to be crisper and fresher than it really is.
REFERENCE: "The Role of Auditory Cues in Modulating the Perceived Crispness and Staleness of Potato Chips," Massimiliano Zampini and Charles Spence, Journal of Sensory Studies, vol. 19, October 2004, pp. 347-63.

The Swiss Federal Ethics Committee on Non-Human Biotechnology (ECNH) and the citizens of Switzerland for adopting the legal principle that plants have dignity.
REFERENCE: "The Dignity of Living Beings With Regard to Plants. Moral Consideration of Plants for Their Own Sake."

Astolfo G. Mello Araujo and José Carlos Marcelino of Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil, for measuring how the course of history, or at least the contents of an archaeological dig site, can be scrambled by the actions of a live armadillo.
REFERENCE: "The Role of Armadillos in the Movement of Archaeological Materials: An Experimental Approach," Astolfo G. Mello Araujo and José Carlos Marcelino, Geoarchaeology, vol. 18, no. 4, April 2003, pp. 433-60.

Marie-Christine Cadiergues, Christel Joubert,, and Michel Franc of Ecole Nationale Veterinaire de Toulouse, France for discovering that the fleas that live on a dog can jump higher than the fleas that live on a cat.
REFERENCE: "A Comparison of Jump Performances of the Dog Flea, Ctenocephalides canis (Curtis, 1826) and the Cat Flea, Ctenocephalides felis felis (Bouche, 1835)," M.C. Cadiergues, C. Joubert, and M. Franc, Veterinary Parasitology, vol. 92, no. 3, October 1, 2000, pp. 239-41.

Dan Ariely of Duke University, USA, for demonstrating that high-priced fake medicine is more effective than low-priced fake medicine.
REFERENCE: "Commercial Features of Placebo and Therapeutic Efficacy," Rebecca L. Waber; Baba Shiv; Ziv Carmon; Dan Ariely, Journal of the American Medical Association, March 5, 2008; 299: 1016-1017.

Toshiyuki Nakagaki of Hokkaido University, Japan, Hiroyasu Yamada of Nagoya, Japan, Ryo Kobayashi of Hiroshima University, Atsushi Tero of Presto JST, Akio Ishiguro of Tohoku University, and Ágotá Tóth of the University of Szeged, Hungary, for discovering that slime molds can solve puzzles.
REFERENCE: "Intelligence: Maze-Solving by an Amoeboid Organism," Toshiyuki Nakagaki, Hiroyasu Yamada, and Ágota Tóth, Nature, vol. 407, September 2000, p. 470.

Geoffrey Miller, Joshua Tybur and Brent Jordan of the University of New Mexico, USA, for discovering that a professional lap dancer's ovulatory cycle affects her tip earnings.
REFERENCE: "Ovulatory Cycle Effects on Tip Earnings by Lap Dancers: Economic Evidence for Human Estrus?" Geoffrey Miller, Joshua M. Tybur, Brent D. Jordan, Evolution and Human Behavior, vol. 28, 2007, pp. 375-81.

Dorian Raymer of the Ocean Observatories Initiative at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USA, and Douglas Smith of the University of California, San Diego, USA, for proving mathematically that heaps of string or hair or almost anything else will inevitably tangle themselves up in knots.
REFERENCE: "Spontaneous Knotting of an Agitated String," Dorian M. Raymer and Douglas E. Smith, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol. 104, no. 42, October 16, 2007, pp. 16432-7.

Sharee A. Umpierre of the University of Puerto Rico, Joseph A. Hill of The Fertility Centers of New England (USA), Deborah J. Anderson of Boston University School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School (USA), for discovering that Coca-Cola is an effective spermicide, and to Chuang-Ye Hong of Taipei Medical University (Taiwan), C.C. Shieh, P. Wu, and B.N. Chiang (all of Taiwan) for discovering that it is not.
REFERENCE: "Effect of 'Coke' on Sperm Motility," Sharee A. Umpierre, Joseph A. Hill, and Deborah J. Anderson, New England Journal of Medicine, 1985, vol. 313, no. 21, p. 1351.
REFERENCE: "The Spermicidal Potency of Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola," C.Y. Hong, C.C. Shieh, P. Wu, and B.N. Chiang, Human Toxicology, vol. 6, no. 5, September 1987, pp. 395-6. [NOTE: THE JOURNAL LATER CHANGED ITS NAME. NOW CALLED "Human & experimental toxicology"]

David Sims of Cass Business School. London, UK, for his lovingly written study "You Bastard: A Narrative Exploration of the Experience of Indignation within Organizations."
REFERENCE: "You Bastard: A Narrative Exploration of the Experience of Indignation within Organizations," David Sims, Organization Studies, vol. 26, no. 11, 2005, pp. 1625-40.

October 03, 2008



Join Me!


Please join Hazel and me at the Women for Obama Rally tonight from 5pm – 6pm on the corner of Lake Avenue and Superior Street (across from Pizza Luce) in Duluth! Let’s get together and help change the world for Hazel and all our children!

And Zac Bentz, can you get in touch with me ASAP? Thanks!

October 02, 2008

A Brief Trip to the Corkupine Mountains

Mug-shot of Jason Cork
Courtesy of Houghton Police Department.

Duluth's adopted son, Jason Cork, is hosting a grand weekend event, featuring Jamie Ness and Brad Nelson.


How many times has Corkdog flown in from Palin-Knows-Where, for the sole purpose to puke on your carpet and drink your beer? It's time we return the favor!!

Get yer crap together and head UP to the U.P. eh?

Want to wrench in comfort this winter?

If anyone is interested in the use of a heated shop space for vehicle maintenance, storage, studio, or any other use, let me know. I have been scouring the classifieds, craigslist, etc. for the perfect space to launch a greasy(no joke) little business venture. Unfortunately, the right space (for the right price) hasn't presented itself. If you are interested in exploring shared use or a sublease of sorts, let me know. Feel free to email: [email protected]

I'll See Your Yellow Bandana and Raise You a Dead King

Original story here.

Special bonus (sorry about the shitty celtic dance music).

october is glbt history month

in honor i give you this gem.

October 01, 2008

It's Almost Halloween!


Halloween is almost here!

Excuse my complete and utter geek-out, but I was interviewed for a Living North Magazine article on Halloween in the Twin Ports! Schweeet! You can read the article online here (flip to pages 30 &31). :D
Also, HauntedDuluth.com is updated with this year's Halloween events, and has a swanky new logo with a creepy lift bridge. I forgot to add uh, land on either side of the bridge, so apparently the Aerial Lift Bridge is Sarah Palin's "Bridge to Nowhere".
So anyway, if you're looking for Halloween events, or you have a Halloween event you'd like to promote for free, check it out.

Ok, my geek-out is done - thanks for tolerating my spaziness. :D

And sorry about the accidental triple-posting - it should take care of itself in a moment or two...
Those of you with RSS are going to laugh at me!
And if anyone wants an invite to the Haunted Duluth Halloween party, just send me an email.