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Your Tax Dollars at Work.

Star and Tribune
A pretty interesting three part series on the damage that ATV users are doing to our forests. Looks like we are even paying them to do it!


I don't get it. How are we "paying them to do it"?

The DNR is actually paying the ATV users hourly wages to "self police" themselves. Something that is obviously not working. Read the article. The videos on the site actually follow them on their rounds.

I don't get ATV users. How about a walk in the woods or a swim in the lake? ATVs are for working not this silliness.

Danny: Part II

Silent sports 4EVR!

Thanks guys...I missed it.

Just remember that license fees from ATV users are used to create parks and trails. The taxes collected from buying a carved wooden walking stick do not. The picture shown probably would have been underwater whether ATVs were there or not. I have walked in Hartley Field since I was a child. My father planted the pines that are throughout the hiking and skiing trails. The worst thing that ever happened to that area is when the nature center came there and all the "nature lovers" with it. There is more junk in that park now than there ever was. But, if the "nature lovers" didn't have their plank bridges, visitor center, and fenced areas they would not come there. I think they have to acknowlege the damage they do to the wilderness as well.

Don't forget all of the trails destroyed by mountain bikers as well.

I want my Segway trail through the "nature".

Some interesting comments. Funny thing is that sure that there would be water there anyway, that is because it is a wetland.....There is supposed to be water there, not people plowing ATV's through it. As to MTB trails, show me a mountain bike trail that looks that bad.
As to Hartley and Nature lovers, who knows what would be better but I am willing to bet that if there were no Nature Lovers there now, there would be houses.

My sentiments are with Loki, but Hartley couldn't be turned over to developers too easily. When the Hartley family donated the land to the city, it was under the condition that it stay a park for the citizens of Duluth in perpetuity. The Hartley nature center is like the aquarium, only a much smaller boon-doggle. A very select few people decided to build that thing. Fortunately, a very select few paid for most of it as well. It pisses me off that they charge local schools so much for their programs.

I’m posting to defend mountain bikers, if anyone has been on an actual mountain bike trail and not the multi use trail at Hartley you would see the “damage” mountain bikers inflict. Spirit Mountain and Piedmont have some of the nicest and challenging trails in the state and with a handful of exceptions the trail is in immaculate condition. Hartley’s trail is in miserable shape and it is also the only mountain bike designated trail with large volumes of hikers. Next time your out enjoying a hike and come across a puddle on the trail look to the edges and see all the foot prints going around the puddle expanding the problem areas of the trail. Self respecting mountain bikers would not be riding the wet trail or go threw the middle minimizing the damage to the trail, so before you accuse someone look at the trails, you don’t find 8 foot wide rutted trails at Spirit or Piedmont. Don’t get me started on the dog “walkers” at Hartley…..

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