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You Have Ten Minutes to Comply


Pete Scholtes is writing for the Minnesota Independent . We have stop-and-search lists now, apparently. Slideshow here.


Please tell me Rage sang their hit,"Hypocrisy on Parade," you know, to keep it real. I am sure they also railed against this:

The best thing the US government could do for the Cuban people is to lift the ban on travel and trade.

The second best thing would be to drop thousands of cell phones, computers, routers, repeaters and wireless ethernet cards behind the lines. Then use Gitmo for something useful like cell phone towers and wireless ethernet towers.

The third best thing would be something similar to the Liberator

pistoffnick, are you fucking kidding me?
why give them shit like cell phones and shit that will turn them into a ridiculous, lazy group of people just like the united states?

How about turning gitmo into a shelter, hospital, or something actually useful. Hell, even turning it into apartments would be more useful then using it for cell towers.

I was at the show and caught this footage of Zach giving a speech in the middle of "Wake Up"

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