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Where's the color, already?

It's been officially fall for a few days now and I'm not seeing enough color! Global warming? Indian Summer? Republican conspiracy?


Maples are at peak up toward the Range. On the North Shore, not so much yet.

Upper woodland is decent

I live in upper Woodland. It's only so-so from my window.

will be up the Shore for the next eight days starting tomorrow...i think i'd be remiss if i didn't bring my camera.

looking forward to (hopefully) 8 zra-free PDD days. Hey everybody, he's going up the shore tomorrow! And he thinks he'd be remiss if he didn't bring his camera!

technically, I'll be on Isle Royale enjoying 8 PDD troll free days. have fun with that.

enjoy the colors zra!

I finally escaped my hermit hole studio and have found my neighborhood ablaze with color!

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