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What the Jade serves on weekdays


I was unaware that Elvis was alive and distributing 'shrooms and tins of elephant to Asian restaurants. This box was for take home, and yes, it just happened to be cut that way. Apologies for the low res, but my friend didn't have a camera, and thusly had to resort to webcam.


With a bit of a stretch...

elephant canned 6
tins packed hi-grade hayward king
brand shrooms oz for foods

I never was that good at haikus.

Very nice haiku. Subtle, abstract and fun!

Thank you. I didn't realize that Jade accidentally served haikus with take out, and on the boxes no less :) For the record, those are opposite sides of the box that was cut in half, maybe even torn in half, since the ridges were extremely rough. You can see my hand in the upper left corner of the left picture. The white in the background on top is the reflection from a metal cabinet.

Maybe the (severely awesome) waiter is a poet by accident :)

Normally it's only the bigger cities that have hi-grade canned elephant.

I think the box contained "Elephant King Brand" mushrooms. I don't think a box would contain mushrooms and elephant.

A bit of a puzzle.

I think maybe...

(this line, no idea)
6TINS X(no idea) OZ.D.W.

I like it better the other way, though :)

The distributor prints the same thing on opposing sides of the box. The picture you see is an intact half of a box. They probably print on both sides, rotated 180. Kind of a waste of ink, if you think about it.

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