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Well, that makes everything perfectly clear


So, are they ending the discount or continuing to offer it?


Well, now I'm REALLY confused. I got a letter from Qwest today too but mine is a bit different. No mention of the 2, 4, and 8 dollar changes. Instead, mine mentions a 1 dollar increase.

I'm confused.

if you have a local phone service (land line) with qwest, you'll keep the bundle discount. if you don't have land line phone service with qwest, you lose the discount.

So, having a "local phone line" means that you don't have a land line, and having a "local phone package" means that you do have a land line?

"local phone line" doesn't equal "local phone package".

tamara said it better.

Somebody should rewrite that, maybe.

I should add that phone package includes land line, plus, for example, caller id or 3-way calling...

Qwest charged me a "one time fee" of 18 dollars, and when I asked about it they removed it from the bill.

we had such a horrid experience with qwest as our cell phone provider that i paid them $400 to get out of the contract.

So, it seems like the accurate interpretation of this postcard is:

"We are going to charge you more for your telephone line and Internet unless you upgrade your package by adding some gimmick like three-way calling. Doing that will cost even more, but you'll still get your bundle discount."

Don't be so cynical, Paul! They've clearly stated that their "goal is to continue to offer great value and service to you for many years to come." How can this be bad news?

Though your bill may increase by as much as $8 a month unless you start voluntarily paying extra for completely useless features, I'm sure that wherever you go, you'll constantly walk up to people and say, "Qwest offers great value and service! Hell, they are the Spirit of Service!"

They care about you, Paul. And it's always a great day at Qwest.

Looks like a good one for the fail blog.

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