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Looking to do a triathlon next summer. I have heard that the Burrito Union and the Brewhouse both have one. Has anyone done either? Can you recommend one? This will be my first. Just did the North Shore Inline Marathon, but I would like to try something different.


I have done both.

For your first triathlon, you probably would want to do the Brewhouse. It has both long and short courses.

That being said I did do the Burrito Union tri as a 2 person team. It was my teammates first triathlon.

The Burrito Union tri is a 10 hour all day affair. It is pretty chill and people are not as competitive.

They are a bit different. The Burrito Union has it's running on trails, which can lead to twisted ankles. I am still recovering...

Thanks for the advice, Shane. I will look into the Brewhouse one.

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