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The first rule about Milk Club is you do not talk about Milk Club


So I tried to join this milk club today, you know, to put some civic involvement on my resume, and I tell you what I was disappointed to learn that they don’t even have any meetings or board members! I would have made an awesome treasurer.


GREAT title!

dont let lack of organization hold you back. Volunteer! Helping to keep those cow's udder skin supple is a good place to start.

I remember when they ran this promotion where they put "Legendary Coaches of the NFL" on the side of the carton. I was standing in line at the grocery check out one day and this guy behind me looked at my milk and said, "How long has Bud Grant been missing?"

why is milk printed backwards on the cow's bottle there?

i would have made an awsome supplier.

Milk is printed backward so you can read it in your rear view mirror as the cow approaches.

Was that too obvious?
I don't know, I haven't been sleeping well, I'm a little off my game. Sorry for interrupting.

I was once a member of a milk club. Sigh. For some reason the cow standing up gives me the creeps. Might have to do with the udders or something. I dunno. I'm a little drunk.

Milk is printed backward because that isn't a cow -- it's Satan.

Uh, that cow has horns, which makes it a steer (male). Which makes the udders 4 penises. Thus, creepy.

The glass bottle is empty and the reverse "Milk" is on the opposite side.

"In some breeds both sexes have horns, such as the Danish Red, White Park, and the famous Texas Longhorn. But in other breeds neither gender has horns like Angus, Polled Hereford, and Red Poll. Lots of times, the animals have had their horns removed."

There is no cow.

All your comments are udderly ridicu...nevermind

The backwards writing actually says "Paul is dead."

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