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super smart delegate interviewed at GOP convention


thanks! the link i was trying to use for the "rest of the story" wouldn't work.

The obvious joke here is that a Democrat delegate would never be robbed of $120,000 because they don't have any money.

This guy's a douche.

I realize that this guy sounds like a complete doofus, and deserves all the crap he's getting. But I can also give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was just joking around like he said. Also in his favor he does seem to have a better grasp of complicated foreign policy matters than Sarah Palin. His breakdown of the Israeli-Iranian conflict was much more cogent than Palin saying she understands Russia because you can see it on a clear day from an Alaskan island.

We deserve reimbursement for bombing the hell out of them?


I just wanna know: what was he doing, carting around to the RNC all the bling he claims was stolen from him anyway? Necklaces? Rings? Adam got it right--douche.

HEY!!! I called him a douche first! I want full credit for initially labelling this douche "douche" on the PDD.

1. He was clearly being mostly-tongue-in-cheek.

2. Douche is an ugly, passe word used by uncreative intellects lacking class.

I was just watching an intv with this retard. He apparently claims he was robbed of a necklace, a $20,000 ring, earrings. . . blah, blah, blah. This is what I think. He was robbed of his bling --a watch, maybe some other stuff. BUT he is claiming all this other shit so he can collect from the insurance co. Seriously, what in the hell is this guy doing with all this bling at the RNC? It does not make sense. Typical republican. Trying to game the system.



He deserves to be reimbursed.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune had the best headline of all about this incident: "Republican by Day, Romeo by Night, Robbed by Morning." Says it all.

Buried somewhere in the MNspeak comments was
this link:

Which makes it all even better.

BAH HA HA HA HA HA HA! At first I thought that commercial was fake.

What a douche (or retard, if you prefer).

yeah. make your insurance company see red, indeed. i don't believe the stuff that got stolen was anywhere near that value. i hope the insurance company makes a full investigation. and no, he wasn't 'date raped'--he was slipped a mickey and robbed. the fact that he got naked was incidental to the humiliation.

what a parody of a human being. i have a hard time believing he's even a real person.

What hbh said. Thanks for the link, clumsy. Did you see the watch? Nicccceee But he wasn't wearing the necklace and the earrings he claimed also got lifted. Bummer.

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