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Somebody pinch me.

Henry Rollins.jpg

@ Sacred Heart?

Oct 23?



Spoken word or with his band?

If it's spoken word, I am SO there!!!

looks like it's spoken word.

hell yeah.

I saw him at first ave last spring, and have always been a big fan of his spoken word. His stories grab you and suck you in, its so captivating. Go if you can. This man has a story or two to tell.

"Recountdown Tour 2008: To celebrate the end of the Bush era, Henry’s hitting the road with a brand new election time talking tour."

I saw him do a 3 hour spoken word show over 10 years ago at the Northrup Auditorium.

Well, even though Henry's kind of getting a little old for this stuff, I'm in too.

he's only 10 years older than me. That means if he's too old for this kind of stuff, then that means I'm too old for this kind of stuff, and if I'm too old for this kind of stuff we're all pretty much fucked because that means we're all getting too old for this kind of stuff and if we're all getting too old for this kind of stuff we might as well piss on the fire and call the dogs cus there ain't much left to live for.

Rollins is God.

I think I'm too old to understand zra's last post.

danny is such a herbert.

Get off my lawn!
Damn kids... no respect these days.

I haven't seen any publicity for this before now. Can you get tickets yet?

Call Sacred Heart Music Center 218-723-1895. I can barely contain myself!!

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