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Quality Local Footage from Quality Local Folks

Recently a post about a lack of quality items on the PDD blog brought to light the tripe that is the Youtube video of the day type of posts. I typically don't watch the videos unless there is some valuable commentary that goes along with it providing me some insight into why I should spend the next few minutes viewing it.

For this reason I present to you commentary on a crew of Duluth kayakers taking on the North Shore's creeks and rivers with a vengeance. They spent the last few springs hiking and subsequently dropping the North Shore's truly sick whitewater. Capturing this on film is a daunting task to say the least and when some professional videographers from out of town wanted to bring the North Shore to the rest of the world this crew was ready to act.

The following footage was shot at Illgen Falls and details the level of preparedness everyone went through in order get that perfect shot. Rigged highlines, pulleys, ropes came together with life jackets and helmets. Kind of like tightrope walking meets kayak boating.

Video by Mac.