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Sarah Palin will drop out of the race before Thursdays debate. I hope she doesn't because it will be good TV.


i don't know... that seems like it'd pretty much be the final nail in the coffins of the republicans.

i don't think they have any choice but 'stay the course'.

thursday should be great t.v. assuming it happens. biden's really going to have to toe the line though... he can only school her so much before he looks like an asshole.

i wonder how long after the debates it will take for one of the fox broadcasters to accuse him of being a sexist.

my guess? five minutes.

I agree with Mat--they may have stepped in it, but, they didn't plan for an extra pair of shoes, so, this is what they will wear.

If Biden just talks about what HE knows as opposed to what she DOESN'T know, he might be able to come out of this without looking like an ass...we'll see. If I get stuck watching it, I'm sure I'll spend the entire time cringing.

Is there really a chance she will drop out of the race?

If the choice is between admitting a mistake or doubling down on it, the usual choice is to double down.

It is becoming obvious that Palin is a moron? No, she's the most smartest genius ever!

should be interesting. let's hope schwarzenegger doesn't enter the picture if palin drops.

Conservative columnist Kathleen Parker has turned against Palin. Here's her Sept. 26 column. So at least some people seriously think Palin might drop out.

I think the McCancient camp will finally allow her staffers in Alaska to testify in that legislative investigation up there. Some "thing" will be revealed, and Palin will have to drop off the ticket to "focus" on upcoming litigation or something like that. Then, they'll get Joe Lieberman to sign on.

No one is dropping out before the debate. If anyone drops out after the debate, I think it will be Biden.

Don't worry. The moment Palin starts to feel that she is losing it, she is going to present us all with a cardboard box. From it she will draw the severed, still bleeding head of Osama Bin Ladin and fire off some witty one-liner. McCain then wins and america burns.

no. she will pull osama's bleeding head out of her vag. god wins. never forget!

You know things are going pretty badly for you when SNL can parody you by using your exact words.

Ha ha ha, but NO!

Bristol isn't really preggers. She is just the republican's hiding spot for the bleeding head of Bin Laden. I think that is who's vag it will come from the moment the debate turns south. If you're in the kitchen preparing some Pierogis or something and you hear her say "Let me bring my daughter out here." . Our generation's Moon Landing is about to happen.

I don't think she'll drop... The ballots are pretty much printed and early voting has started in many states. She legally can drop, but her name would remain on the ballots, and that would create confusion. Recall the hanging chad/confusing ballots of FL in 2000 which arguably cost Gore the State and election? This would be like that, only spread out over all 50 States, resulting in a good chunk of voters being lost to McCain for that reason alone. Plus I think such a move would absolutely cause the RR to violently revolt.

btw, Schwarzenegger is 1) not as popular as he once was, 2) a social liberal 3) and biggest, is ineligible to hold the office of President/VP as he is not a natural born citizen.

Dammit. My fingers goof. it should say RUN BACK TO THE TV AT ONCE after the text in italics.

Good day.

Biden is in a no win situation here, on a number of levels. If he does well and mops the floor with her its no big deal because it was what everyone expected. If he loses everyone will be shocked he lost to some political neophyte from Wasilla. And as others mentioned if he totally nails her he's going to look like a mean, horrible man picking on some poor woman. Which could turn off some moderate voters who for whatever reason are enamored with her. He will really be walking a tightrope as to how far he can take it.

Speaking of which there's an excellent article, albeit cynical and a bit nasty, written by Matt Taibbi that was in the latest Rolling Stone.

Biden's gonna make her cry.

Um, elections are not actually a real thing. I know you people like to talk about them like they are, but personally I find it quite enraging. For the novincial dupes, both as a scholar and as a node of distribution for the important scholarship of others, I would refer you to the work of NYU media studies king Mark Crispin Miller. Miller is merely a starting point, but he gets mo' right every day.
Please stop chattering about nonsense. If you don't understand your enemies, your fucked. And, believe Burlesque when he tells you: you're fucked.
Carol Quigley tried to help you/laugh at you, and then he gave up on you and kissed William Jefferson Clinton on his third eye 'neath the Rosy Cross whilst flashing the Lion's Paw; warming Cecil Rhodes' cold dead heart. So go ahead 'throw the rascals out'. I wish you the best of luck.

Prison is no excuse for chatty glibness.

I realize I'm often late to these digital Chautauquas, and almost always snidely ridicule you dupes. But seriously, the stakes couldn't be higher. And the fact that you poor-excuses for opinion leaders haven't discovered the very simple and observable fact that the two-party system is a sham, is all the invitation to ridicule one doth require.

I say again, at least bro sports-nuts utilize words and concepts that come to bear in some meaningful way upon their chosen subject of study. Glib students of mainstream media political coverage are not.


I think right now the Republican campaign goons are giving Palin the Clockwork Orange treatment. Seriously, her campaign is going to prep the hell out of prior to Thursday. Now all she has to do is come out of it as a survivor and the campaign claims victory. I want fireworks and blood on Thursday, but a part of me knows it won't come to that.

Wowee Senor Burlesque, that's quite a mouthful there. For the record I doth agree with your gist, being one toward a Marxist persuasion myself, which does reject the twin parties of the bourgeoisie as two heads of the selfsame Hydra. Nonetheless I regularly tend toward diminishment of such flowery language as may offend the academic laymen and noobs.

i intend to offend.
these flowers you speak of,
let a hundred of them bloom.
do this now.

I'm glad I stayed out of the predictions I may have been as wrong as everybody else was.

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