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Random building on SHT, and, um, Mars


What is this thing? It's located near Highland Ave. above the cemetery, sort of where Skyline hits the five corners there. Currently, I believe the trail is part of the Duluth section of the Lake Superior Hiking Trail.

The pic was taken right before sunrise, the blurry picture of which follows. I may have posted it before, and no, that's no ufo. It's mars, the moon, and the sunrise all in one pic. All photos taken in a pleasant morning of May. I need to get a better camera. A tripod would be nice, too.


But what is up with that building and where it's located (right next to a creek)? You can clearly see it's only about 10 x 10 feet. It also has bars. Creepy.


I caught a brook trout at that exact spot once, and I also wondered what it was. My guess was some kind of pump, because old-timey folks love pumps.

I suppose you're right, but still, the location seems odd, and I don't recall seeing any fittings through the wall or floor. I guess I'll have to go up there again and try to play Sherlock.

Nice pics. I too have thought it might have been some kind of old pump house. The concrete bridge the trail crosses just downstream from there was once part of Highland Avenue.

Old pump house. Looked it up on Google, found this bit in the Superior Hiking Trail page, I thik this might be it?:
"SHT leaves parking lot on east end (right end when facing trailhead sign), crosses Skyline Parkway and comes to old historic bridge over Keene Creek. Trail crosses bridge and continues upstream past old pump house and scenic waterfalls. Trail crosses Skyline Parkway again and enters forest."

Looks cool though, I'd love to check it out sometime this week.

I took this photo there last summer. It's a fun part of the SHT. If you hike it, make sure to go under the abandoned bridge near Skyline and check out the graffiti.

That hike, Dani, if you haven't done it, is probably one of the most spectacular in Duluth. You cover several different ecosystems, well, depending on how far you go. I came from the other direction at night with headlamp, but it was still fun. The mars camera shot was pure chance.

I helped build that section of the SHT and was its maintainer for one summer. In my opinion the best section in Duluth for feeling like you're "in the wild".

As Dani points out the building is an old pump house, probably once in use by the cemetary located directly up the hill from it.

Where's a good place to get on this trail? and park?

The section I was talking about is listed here as Skyline Parkway at Highland/Getchell to Skyline Parkway at N 24th Ave West (5.7 miles)

You can cut this in half by parking on Haines/40th ave. where the powerlines cross. Both sides of 40th are good (and hilly).

Some of the trail from 24th runs on streets.

You can also park on Skyline between 40th and Lincoln Park and look for where it crosses Skyline. Hike up from there. I don't think it crosses right next to the parking area.

One of these days I'll do the whole trail. What's it like, 30 some miles? Whew.

Thanks for the info. I've lived in West Duluth almost my entire life and had no idea we had a section of the Superior Hiking Trail just up the hill from us.

SHT hint: Whenever you come to a crossroads on the trail, you'll probably see a wide, inviting trail as well as a tiny, thickety, barely visible gap in the woods. That barely visible gap is always the SHT.

I say this in a good way. The SHT is the road less traveled.

i was on the section between 24th ave W and twin ponds this past weekend and came across what the SHT websitee calls "Forgotten Park" its actually kinda sad...an over grown ballfield and basketball court.

That "forgotten park" used to be maintained by my grandparents--they lived right down the hill from there. No old people to care for it = overgrown.

i was wondering because i didn't see how exactly you were supposed to get to it - i.e. road access. old peeps - gotta love'em, most of the time...

One other thing, too. A person should really printout/buy a guide (I think they're like 50 cents at Duluth Pack). Don't forget to look for the blue trail blazes and signs at crossings.

a complete set'll run ya 2 bucks. 50 cents a pop X 4 maps. the guide's a very useful pre-hike primer as well.

35 bucks will get ya a membership in the SHTA.

it was an old kind of watch house when they were building skyline.....thats where they would put their tools and stuff....i grew up right by there...same with my family....there isnt a trail to it...you have to follow keane's creek....if you go there be nice..that was my friends and i's jailhouse when playing in the woods.....we had forts by there and the whole woods area.......

please do not blaze a trail to there...keep it the way it is...you have to hunt to find it....do not mark up the area...otherwise i will have to get pissed that my childhood memories are being used for that...keep it somewhat hidden.......

p.s. i dont bekieve it's part of the hiking trail....that just crosses the bridge and goes over to highland...the complete opposite way i believe

Rest assured, I have no plan blazing. The blazes are already there for the SHT. Whether this is legitimately on the SHT or not, I couldn't tell, but it is most definitely a well worn trail that runs by that building, complete with make-shift stone stairs for the steep parts. Heiko, I'll refrain from posting GPS coords if it bothers you that much.

i'd say keep it more of a place where you have to look for....not make it easy....keep the concept of the quest alive...make everyone earn it....lol

Yes, Barrett. I forgot to mention that if anyone parks on Haines above horseshoe bend by the powerlines, for example, the main trail is not the SHT. Look for the signs.

In that area it's not the snowmobile/maintenance trail on the right when facing uphill. It's the one only big enough for foot traffic.

On the left (leading you to the picture I posted), it follows the snowmobile trail over a stream bed and then later diverges.

Have fun!

Speaking of Forgotten Park, Matt Perrine just posted a story about it to the Budgeteer website.

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