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pissy pundits

faux news crybabies whining on about fairness in v.p. debate.


Ah, yes... the lowering of expectations so typical in the days leading up to a debate. Although in Palin's case, it'll be interesting to see just HOW low they try to go. I'm thinking they'll claim victory if she makes it through without crying.

I can usually only make it about 4 minutes with FOX News so I don't know names. But is the male host of that show not the most annoying host you have ever seen?

nbayuk - yes

Ha! "Gotcha questions". She can't even answer the basics about the top of her own ticket. After the debate Biden was all over the place doing interviews. Palin? She was getting a cheese steak.

What a bunch of crybabies.

She described herself as a pitbull! What does that sau to you? It says, "I can take anything! Bring it on!" I'd tell Biden, treat her like a pitbull.

Always make sure to get your pets spayed or neutered.

These dipshits obviously have never heard of Gwen Ifil. How can they do their job and not know who she is. McCain must have picked up the leftover advisers from the bottom of Bush's shoes.

So...how would all of you be reacting if the roles were reversed? Whether you like Palin or not you need to realize that a moderator of a debate, by definition, is supposed to be non-partison. Oh well...it will probably backfire on the Obama camp anyway.

Of course the moderator is neutral. Are you saying that FOX news(cough) is neutral?Do you know who Gwen Ifill is? If you want to participate in politics fine, just please try to inform yourself. It's really easy. No matter which way you swing.

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