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Official HS Bars

As a native West Duluthian and a graduate of Denfeld High School, I know that on most given nights, I could go to Mr. D's Bar & Grill and run into a former classmate. If you were to ask DHS grads of any year what the "official" bar of DHS grads is, I'd guess that most if not all of them would answer Mr. D's.

I may be wrong, but f you were to ask Proctor grads the same question, I'd guess that they'd say the Powerhouse is their official territory. I don't know what Superior's official turf would be, but I'm sure one exists.

Here's my question: Is there an "official" bar for Central or East alumni? Because if there is one, I have no idea what it would be.


The Reef?!

East is the Gitchigummi Club. Or the Pickwick for the burnouts. We all get wasted on opium and hundred year old scotch and then go out in our Proctor-Alumn-driven Hummer stretch limo and do drive-by cheering at Central and Denfeld grads: "your kids work for our kids".

Yep, The Reef for us cake eaters.

Superior: O'Neill's on Tower. Maple Northwestern: The Kro Bar.

Marshall doesn't have one.

All the Harbor City kids are the polite ones at the Amazing Grace..when the first grad class get's old enough (next year), it'll be Carmody

OK, so is the Reef joint East/Central turf or just East? If it's just East, where's Central's territory?

R.T.'s, I believe.

My Denfeld class of 1998 just had their 10-year reunion at D's. Due to a series of hilarious events, we have subsequently been banned from having any further class events there. D's said we tarnished Denfeld's reputation. I say we not only upheld our reputation, but set new standards for social decorum that will be benchmarks for future generations. The kids are alright.

more details please.
Also I hope that they just banned the Class of '98 from D's, not all alumni. I would love to have my 20 year easy stumbling distance from my house.

I went to Central High, and my friends from the nieghborhood hang out at Gilby's on 4th street

O'Gilby's is closed. And as an RT's regular myself, I have a hard time imagining it as an alumni bar. I'm not convinced.

What about the Hermantown Hawks? I bet they hang at the Runway.

O'Gilby's is closed?!?

Paul Lundgren, Hot Rod and I went in there one day around noon. Bartender and one patron, dead silent. Paul yells, "Jesus! Keep it down in here! We're trying to drink!" Bartender was not amused.

We left shortly thereafter and went to Superior. It was an epic day.

Yeah, my dad's not too happy about O'Gilby's closing.

It was essentially a forced thing, as the owner of the building (who also owned Daugherty's) sold it to SMDC.

Kind of a bummer, but yeah, it was a Central hangout, as one of the bartenders was a '95 grad.

As a "rail" ('82) I'd say that the Chalet is probably the Hawk's hang. As for the Pike(Caribou) Lake rails, it's the Buffalo House

I feel so cheated. Not only did I not attend high schoo or collegel in Duluth, but my high school did not have *any* bars nearby (it was a residential neighborhood) -- though there was a Mrs. Field's nearby. So we ate cookies instead of slamming down beer.

The guy who has O'Gilby's license is holding on to it for now. It renewed with all the other licenses in August. He made it sound as if he hoped to open up somewhere else.

Wow "Danny"...I'm really starting to worry about your obsession with me.

Proctor grads (like me) are equal opportunity drunks, and spread their love to a couple of different bars on the main street, powerhouse included. plus one or two others in town. Hermantown grads seem to like the bar at skyline bowling, along with the runway.

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