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More Sucky Media

Recently all the AM radio stations got shook up again, dropping the Jim Bohannon show during the night shift just as I was getting into it. Anyways, tonight I was scanning the AM stations, and the high school football games at Public Schools Stadium were on TWO radio channels, with TWO different radio crews! I don’t get it. I have a hard time believing there’s THAT much advertising revenue to support this. I mean, most of the people who are interested in the games probably go to the games. How do you even choose? Is Mark Fleischer that much better than whoever is on the other channel, or vice-versa? Weird. Stupid.


Please tell me Coast to Coast AM is still on.

yep it is, but I think it moved from 710 to 610?

970 has apparently dropped ESPN Radio as well. For the time being anyway they've gone back to the Music of your Life format they had back when I was a kid.

Is there any other way to get ESPN radio in the Twin Ports (other than Sirius)?

You can listen to it on the computer. http://espnradio.espn.go.com/espnradio/index

And I think the the Score 690 out of the Cities is ESPN Radio. But the chances of pulling that in are probably slim. I know there's been times I've been able to get KFAN on 1130 up here.

I only listened to it for Mike and Mike and on the weekends, otherwise I listen to KFAN on 560. But I'm sure there's a lot of bummed Jim Rome fans in town.

On the way home from work last week, I tried to tune into 970 to get some sports updates, only to get blasted with some Babs. The Twin Ports was a little less sunshiny that day.

If you prefer not to listen to KFAN, and you have decent access to the internet there are a bunch of radio stations online that broadcast Jim Rome, Colin Cowherd and Mike and Mike for free. A couple of them are on the Shoutcast stations that come with Winamp. That's how I've been listening to them since I don't have a radio in my office.

Hopefully we get ESPN Radio back on some station soon.

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