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Local boy MAKES good ...

TimRed.jpg ... er electronic thingies that is. Check out the latest edition of MAKE Magazine..featuring a 5 page spread on PDD's own Tim Kaiser. He's probably either to modest to mention it himself OR he doesn't want you to bug him for Duran Duran's email address .... PAUL, this mean YOU! .... so anyway, I just got mine in the mail and waited for Tim to mention it, since he didn't, I will...congrats Tim!


Hey, that's super cool. Congratulations, Tim.

Now if I could only parlay my fifteen minutes into fabulous wealth!

Tim K -- Totally cool. See, you are someone the local media should be obsessing about, not the fake lawyer! Good luck parlaying this into wealth though. And don't hold your breath.

The Halloween gig will bring riches beyond your wildest dreams. Or at least a free beer.

Congratulations, Tim! It's about time... the guy has been doing this for almost 30 years!

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