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Live In a Cool House Rent Free!

Patrick Nelson of ObsCuriosities is looking for a roommate to live rent free in his very cool house in exchange for working in the store (which is in the lower part of the house) 20 hours a week (approximately 11:00 - 3:00 Tues - Saturday). Hours are flexible though. Must love vintage clothing and interesting music. Pets negotiable. You will have a bedroom and share the rest of the house. If the work hours are not possible, he will consider renting for cash, no working the store. Call Patrick 218-722-2890 to discuss.


Patrick is a handsome guy.

Indeed he is. He is also nice and funny and very unique. And a very good musician.....

and the house is supa sweet.

oh wait! i just thought of something else. i used to rent from patrick - he lived upstairs, we lived downstairs, shared basement. patrick is an excellent housemate who sleeps late and eats little.

If the room were valued at $300 a month and one were to work 80 hours a month (20 hours a week) that would work out to $3.75 per hour. Even if the room were valued at $400 a month that would only be $5 an hour. I suspect such an arrangement would be illegal under the state minimum wage law. Not to mention, the owner(s) of the business is presumably not planning to pay payroll taxes on the value of the room, which constitutes tax evasion.

can we call patrick to discuss anything, or just the room?

You say "tax evasion" as if its a baaaaaaaad thing, @ndy!

Hi @ndy. If you re-read, the hours are flexible. He is certainly willing to work with someone as far as what they can fit into his/her schedule and what is fair. 10-20 hours a week is what I should have written and what Patrick is looking for. Considering the person will have no rent or utility payments and get to live in a very nice house, we think this is a pretty good deal. Thanks for your analysis.

I should also add that the store work is very easy. We have a "dinger" on the front door, so when no customers are in the store, you can be in the house, doing whatever, or sitting on the back deck in the sunshine reading a book. Mostly the work consists of helping customers when they are in the store, ringing up sales, and a little straightening and steaming of clothes. Maybe sweeping once a week. Picking out good music for the stereo. Arranging mushroom canisters in a groovy new fashion....Fun and easy!

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