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History or Garbage?


So, at what point does a pile of garbage become archeologically significant? When I first saw this collection of old junk in the woods near Stewart Creek, I considered bringing a bag out there and cleaning it up. Upon closer inspection, however, all of it appears to be at least 30 years old. "Archeologically significant" is a stretch, but it's kind of cool. It at least makes me thirsty for a hard tin can of PBR.


There's also an old Hamm's can.


The garbage is close to an old house foundation. This view is from the top of stairs that lead to what I think is an old Coolerator (that rusty thing on its side in the background).


Next to the foundation is a stone-walled section of a branch of Stewart Creek. I wish I knew who lived here and how they managed to be so awesome.


I've always been a fan of old garbage as well. Where is Stewart Creek?

Stewart Creek runs between Spirit Mountain and Bardon's Peak.

When you drive on Skyline Parkway across that sweet stone-arched bridge near Bardon's Peak, you're passing over Stewart Creek.

Those are some really good pictures. We used to "crick-walk" up near skyline (age 8 up to 12) and once found a wrecked car, complete, with original "Fitger's" beer cans scattered about and full of rust (I don't recall exactly, but it seemed they were made of steel instead of aluminum). It was deep in one of the ravines. Little did I know that that was a good find. Sigh.

All of that stuff looks like good BB-gun targets to me.

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