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Haiku Revisited

It's been far too long.
PDD Haiku '08.
Get ready... set... go!!


"Who's there?"
"Hearing the knock-knock,
I expect hilarity.
Instead, find salesman."

"Who's there?"
"Hike, who?"
"Hearing the knock-knock,
I expect hilarity.
Instead, find salesman."

My stomach growls
Is it orange chicken day?
Alas, it is not.

Now I know that "growls"
Is only one syllable.
Where was my memo?

"ice cream, mommy?"
hazel says often to me.
dirty faced little girl

People! Haiku is:

5 syllables
7 syllables
5 syllables

The new PDD
just like the old PDD
giddy is my heart!

NorShor mezzanine
Fresh from the photo archives
Dirty faced nice man

those wander adrift
from syllabic greatness shift
to this little sieve

I know haikus really don't rhyme, but what the hell.

That sight doesn't work perfectly, obviously. Some of us in the midwest pronounce toward as tohrd :)

Type in "dontcha know" to be impressed.


haiku police, you
are not right, seventeen is
total syllables.

in haiku poem
5-7-5 traditional
western style.

poetry unique
make it yours always
simplistic verse reigns.

Heiko Haiku

Wristbanding the Bros
Dreaming up Kamikazees
"I.D? Cool. Have fun."

WHAT?! I had fingers
before I was born. But then
I gave away all my gloves.

Shriveled, gaunt raisin
Evaporated glory
Juicy grape gone bad.

She's Gitchigumi:
This big, dark, blue friend of ours;
Beware November.

There's potholes galore;
The cavities of the streets;
Reflective dentists.

Our Mayor Don Ness;
Even tho his face is fresh;
Takes more than looks, kid.

Duluth, my good friend;
oh how many folks will your
cool lake breezes mend

Daily news, tidbits
PDD: my reason for life?
Yes, I think it is.

Haiku are supposed to be season-specific and imagistic.

Here is one some studetns of mine wrote:

It's called "Take That Waves."

The waves are angry
in autumn. Bang bang bang bang bang
bang bang bang bang bang

Take out one of the middle bangs--oops.

And the "bangs" are gunshots.

So much haiku fail
PDD out of practice
Erik wins so far!

There once was a man named St. G
Whose lust for Richard Simmons was quite Sleazy.
But when they got together
He brought out the leather
And charged an admission fee.

some want local blog
to be so good and so nice
come on let us fight

Oh, Bad Cat!, Bad Cat!...
I deserved that, for making
You toss this salad.


i was gonna try
my hand at duluth haiku
'til i read jamie's

Seagulls swarming me;
Almost perfect duluth day;
White, spotty shoulders

I like senryu more
human foibles are funny
make me laugh out load

make me laugh out load?
is that when you laugh so hard
stuff shoots out your nose?

My "U" has been abducted
Damn keyboard ninjas!

Nineteen percent gross
Fon du Lac wants money back
Indian giver?

pistoffnick, god damn
You are a racist bastard
Yet, you make me laugh

No money for gas,
But I got whack wheels
Bro, they're STILL spinning.

Racist? Not really
The liquor is kicking in
Belligerent drunk

fall came in fervor
native american sours
winter approaches

Man's eternal quest
To fly like the graceful birds
I want my wings soon.

Hard winter ahead
Caterpillar told me so
Need a snowblower

I am wise enough
To know that I am NOT wise.
And neither are you!

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