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FREE Brother Ali Show @ UMD 09.20

Brother Ali • FREE & Open to Everyone • 8PM
Outside at UMD Plaza (Below dining hall)

I incorrectly listed the Brother Ali show at UMD as being student-only. Grant from the Kirby Program Board was nice enough to call me and set the record straight: Free show, outside at the UMD Plaza, located below the dining hall.



Sung by a man who gets it:

You don't give money to the bums
On the corner with a sign, bleeding from their gums
Talking about you don't support a crackhead
What you think happens to the money from yo' taxes

Shit the governments an addict
With a billion dollar a week kill brown people habit
And even if you aint on the front line
When the master yell crunch time you right back at it

You aint look at how you hustling backwards
And the end of the year add up what they subtracted
3 outta twelve months your salary
Paid for that madness, man that's sadness

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