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Duluth Fail

Corner of 1st St & 8th Ave E.



What? No spell-check?

Wow - how the hell does that actually happen?

I wish I had gotten a picture of that big billboard on 2nd street and 1st ave E that said, in the biggest letters possible, "SEPEMBER 7"

When I was in Mpls yesterday I saw a news story about some guy running for office and his TV ad spelled "republican" wrong

I lived at 731 for over two years. The owners were really nice but really flustered and unorganized. Whenever someone moved out, they tried to give you the damage deposit twice. They called me, "come pick up your deposit" after I told them I used it as last month's rent. It happened to two other renters that I know of.

I can't believe I never noticed that walking by it for a year straight. Good capture, Katzenjammer.

Given what I've learned thus far, I'd be willing to bet that the error was corrected and the couple chose to make use of the original (incorrect) one because they could not bear to toss out a perfectly good sign.

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