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coming to a cinema in Duluth sooon..

just wanted to say hello to you folks in duluth....and to let you know that a series that was started in floriduh will be continuing here once the new cinema opens on superior street...it's called THE TALKIES and it's cinema striking back.


New cinema on Superior Street???

yeah...it's a new twin cinema that will be exclusively playing smaller titles from specialty divisions of the bigger studios, work distributed by smaller distributors and films that have never been picked up but were hits of festivals around the world...foreign titles, curious oddball programs, hosting touring filmmakers, screenings of local independent work, cult films, dinner & movie themed nights, silent films with new live scores....much much more to come on this new development.

yes, I was working on this story when I got laid off. It'll be great--movies are being made by more and more people in more and more places. We'll definitely need the Zinema!


I will miss your great reporting, but I have to respectfully disagree...we do NOT need the Zinema.

And I have to disagree right back. A home for smaller, independent films is a welcome change to this town. Films like "The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada" have found a limited home at the larger cinemas in town, but to have a space dedicated to it downtown will be a boon to the local arts scene, and those who are a part of it, either as participants or as observers.

You may not, but I DO need the Zinema, and will be there on opening day with a big ol' smile on my face.

What we do agree on, however, is how sad it is to see Ann go. She was a true friend of the arts community.

Oh, cool! Keep us posted, I'd love to see another moviegoing option in the area.

Speaking of which, there's a little film festival in Washburn, Wisconsin this weekend--the first one the local film society's put on, here's hoping it continues down the line.

"Need" is such a loaded word. I just want a nice place to take ladies for racy foreign films.

I'd like to hear Rubber Chicken's reasoning for why Duluth doesn't need (or have any use for) a brand-new indie movie theater.

My guess would be that Rubber Chicken may have a slight issue with the owners of the establishment. Not so much the idea of an Indie theater itself.

so, sour grapes. okay.

Well, I can be difficult and demanding....

More sour grapes!
More arts and entertainment reporters!
More shows like "Bushed", October 2-18 at Harbor City Theater!!

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