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Got your attention?

I just want to give props to props to the Duluth Police Dept., UMDPD and even...gasp..the DNT for ther reasoned response to the first weekend of the 0809 school year. today's article was well done and not vapid hype mongery...thank you DNT. And thanks again to local law enforcement who sent a message to the party houses that they are located in a residential neighborhood...with...er...residents who also ...er...reside there. Hopefully this is the continuation of a positive trend in acknowledgment and action. We CAN all live together.


Yes, I agree, props. It really is a good thing these guys keep an eye on things.

Having seen block parties that were taken in stride by residential neighborhoods in the past, I still have a little bit of a hippy attitude towards these things. Having some experience with this years ago: imagine 9 condos participating in a drink-fest in a square complex of about 150 condos surrounding a pool, in which, a drunken student decided to climb the third story roof and jump into. He missed the far concrete side by about a foot. Easily 600-800 students there. You could barely move in the courtyard. It was a good thing the police arrived at about 1am. The party bordered on hedonistic (and yes, I was a participating guest). The non-participating condos (mostly non-students) showed remarkable restraint before dialing. But, this sort of hoopla only happened 3 times a year or so.

Elsewhere, the Halloween mall walk, IIRC, has been almost banned as of late in Madison. Several years 'ere, a buddy of mine said that a number of officers simply laughed when students turned one of the posts with postings into a pyre. I think they're a little bit more serious recently, though, since they tear-gassed State St. a few years ago.

I think you would find that living next to a prestigious, ivy league school would be just as, if not more, raucous.

I agree with you, though, that sometimes brakes have to be applied.

It's a sad day when we're given props to the man.

No shit.

yea, you guys know me...I'm an authority lovin' conformist! Really, I'm just giving praise (and encouragement) when something is actually done right by the players in this issue. I'll prop the man, the fuzz, the mayor, UMD if this thing gets fixed and I can continue to live in the neighborhood I love.

I agree with baci -- I love living near UMD but don't love trash being thrown on my lawn and assholes stealing my yard signs. Props to the cops for trying to nip the loud parties in the bud like this, so we can all live together. I'm also trying harder -- introduced myself to the college kids next door instead of ignoring them like I used to do. BTW, huitz, I used to live two or three blocks away from U Penn in the mid-80s, it's more raucous *here.* Maybe b/c they didn't want to mess with Philly cops -- I mean, the Philly cops bombed a city neighborhood into smithereens when I lived there, it wasn't all that far away from Penn. UMD students have it easy with the Duluth PD.

Thanks Baci, I'm sure they appreciate that and would appreciate more if they read this themselves. Most nights they pat themselves on the back.

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