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Attn: alternative transportation geeks!


Greencyclers, a NEW local energy cooperative, presents a screening (we have a projector!) of
"Who Killed the Electric Car?"
TONIGHT (Tuesday) at 7
at Bohemia Arts, 22 N 1st Ave W
Admission is FREE, with or without your used cooking oil donation.


Great movie! Everyone should definitely see it.

I just netflixed this last week. It is a superb film. I was so sad for the little car.

Greencyclers? Never heard of this ... where can one find more information?

check out greencyclers.org,
OR come down, meet us, and see the film again!

my company's firewall/web filtering software thinks greencyclers.org is a porn site and blocks it. used veggie oil is pretty sexy.

This is an awesome movie and really makes sense today. It is funny how GM is releasing an electric car now that is even better than the ones shown in the movie... It goes a certain amount of miles on the electric engine and then turns to gas when the battery runs dead.

In the movie they said the ev1 got 75 miles to the charge. The volt is predicted to get 40 (Wikipedia). What's the deal? 10 years later and battery techmology is going backwards?

If we have to run our cars on cooking oil, won't we all be dead from heart attacks?

you wouldnt believe how heartbreaking the movie is... it should be subtitled: "how america kills inovation."

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