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Talk Like a Pirate Day!


aaaaaargh you scallywags

How many of these fucking days are there in a year? So played.

ARRRRRR...be this the day we keelhaul a scurvy troll...?

yyyyarrrrr prepare the ship for a port tack, bring us about...broadside...ready the starboard guns, grapples and planks! Aye, she's a yar vessel...loaded with booty, she'll make a fine prize indeed!

There is the same number of "Talk like a pirate days" in the year, as the max number of peg legs an effective pirate can have: one.

or eye patches

I have 3 good ones to share:

What does a pirate drive?

Where does a pirate drink:

Where does a pirate dock his ship?

A shipyARRRRd!

then there was the pirate who had to pay cash because he had maxed out his credit cAAARRRd...

and he wanted to go fishing but all he could catch were gAAARRR...

and he'd give you a lift anywhere you wanted to go, so long as it wasn't to fAAARRR...

and for being so tough, he always got choked up when he heard "when you wish upon a stAAARRR."

Which Duluth city councilor is endorsed by pirates?


D-arrrrrrrrr-n! I missed it this year!

a pirate told me once that chicks really dig scAAARRRs, which would explain a lot because he was always talking about going after a lot of booty.

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