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3 Hour Tour


Tangier 57 humbly begs the honor of your presence as we take a three hour tour at Carmody Irish Pub this Friday evening. We cast off at 9:30 and play until we find ourselves striking ground on an uncharted desert isle. Come dressed as your inner castaway for a special prize from T57. Friday, 26th


It will be a great event. I am so excited.

(Tangier 57's next gig will be Halloween at Carmody)

From the ages 3-8, I wanted to be
Ginger from Gilligan's Island. Whenever one would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up, I'd say "Ginger". It drove my mother crazy. she'd try to qualify my statement by saying I wanted to be a singer and an actor, but no, I wanted to be Ginger.

Jim from Treasure Island, me. Stevenson writes the very best wish-fulfillment fiction ever--when Jim's fighting Long John on the ship in the bay, how every lucky chance turns in his favor, how he never puts his foot wrong, but it's all completely credible, totally tangible . . . so like Tangier 57!

ann should just continue her arts and entertainment musings here.

she can be pdd's a&e...

aside from that: Illiya Kuriakin from The Man From U.N.C.L.E. ...so totally not nautical in any way.

I wanted to be MaryAnn. She baked pies. I didn't like pie, but it seemed she got whatever she wanted by just making a pie. Can you imagine my disappointment when I had heard that she was the guest speaker at a grad. ceremony at UMD some years later. Looks like I picked the wrong year to graduate!

mary ann, aka dawn wells, spoke to my acting class about 8 years ago. she invited us to come stay at her actor's boarding house in la or san fran or something. a couple of months later she was arrested for mailing weed to gilligan.

Guess coconuts weren't all she was putting in her pies!

gilligan of course!

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